Unveiling the Zing Super Deluxe: A Climax in Trekking Bikes

Zing Super Deluxe, the latest German bike of Diamant, is leading the way for a trekking bike that not only prioritizes leisure but also boasts superior performance features.

The Zing Super Deluxe’s Distinctive Features

In the world of trekking bikes, the Zing Super Deluxe stands out for its commitment to shedding excess weight while maintaining an emphasis on a natural pedal feel. Weighing in at under 22 kilos (48.4 pounds), this model from Diamant achieves its lightweight profile through strategic upgrades.

Notably, it incorporates carbon cranks from E*Thirteen, lightweight wheels from Bontrager, and the powerful Bosch Purion 200. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor, designed specifically for mountain bikes, powers this model. It offers a strong and exciting ride with an amazing 85 Nm torque and a top output of 600 watts.

The bike has the option of a supplementary battery for enthusiasts looking for longer trips, although it comes with a modest weight increase of 900 grams.

Components that Elevate the Experience

Diamant leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a superior riding experience by integrating high-quality components. The SR Suntour Axon 32 Boost Magnesium suspension fork, offering 40 mm of travel, instills confidence in riders to explore off the beaten path.

Complementing this, a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an MIK-compatible rear cargo rack enhance the overall functionality of the Zing Super Deluxe.

As expected from a bike of this caliber, the Diamant Zing Super Deluxe comes with a premium price tag, starting at 4,409 euros or approximately USD 4,832. It’s essential to note that this base price can escalate swiftly, especially when opting for various optional extras to tailor the bike to individual preferences.

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1. How does the Zing Super Deluxe enhance the riding experience?

This e-bike elevates the riding experience through its lightweight design, powerful Bosch motor, and high-level components, providing riders with a dynamic and confident journey.

2. When is the optimal time to consider fitting the Zing Super with a secondary battery?

Adding a secondary battery to the Zing Super Deluxe is recommended for riders planning extended adventures or long-distance rides, enhancing the bike’s range and versatility.

3. How does the Zing Super justify its premium price?

The Zing Super Deluxe comes with an elevated price tag, but it’s worth it for top-notch features. These include high-end parts, a light design, and a strong Bosch motor, guaranteeing an excellent riding adventure.

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