YouTube Introduces New Generative AI Features to Enhance User Experience

In an exciting development, YouTube has revealed its plans to delve into the world of generative AI features. These innovative features are set to revolutionize the user experience and enrich content interaction.

Exploring YouTube’s New Generative AI Features

YouTube is gearing up to introduce a conversational tool that harnesses the power of AI to enhance user engagement. This tool, a part of the premium package available to paid subscribers, will answer user queries and provide personalized content recommendations.

This conversational tool’s responses are generated by large language models that tap into the wealth of information on YouTube and the web. It is designed to help viewers “dive in deeper” into the content they are currently watching. Users can ask questions about the video they are viewing or request suggestions for similar content with actions like “recommend related content.”

What sets this feature apart is that users can engage with the AI while the video is streaming, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Initially, this feature will be accessible only in the United States and on Android devices via the new “Ask” option on the video’s watch page. YouTube Premium members have the opportunity to opt into this experiment starting today, though it won’t be available on all YouTube videos right away.

This conversational tool is currently in the testing phase. It is being tested by a specific group of users. Soon, it will be made accessible to all members of YouTube Premium. This will happen in the few next weeks.

YouTube’s generative AI features do not stop here. The second generative AI tool is the comments summarizer tool. It aims to streamline content consumption by summarizing the topics discussed in the comments section of a video. This tool is anticipated to provide advantages for both viewers and content creators.

For viewers, this feature will enable them to quickly catch up on the key discussion points without sifting through a multitude of comments. This efficiency will enhance the user experience by reducing the time spent on comment sections.

Content creators will also find this tool valuable as it allows them to gain insights into their channel’s subscribers’ discussions without the need to carefully read through every comment. This can spark inspiration for new video content based on the most discussed topics in the comments.

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FAQs About YouTube’s Generative AI Features

1. How can I access YouTube’s generative AI features?

To unlock these functionalities, you must have a YouTube Premium membership. The conversational tool is accessible via the “Ask” feature located on the video’s watch page. It’s currently available for users using Android devices within the United States.

2. What is the scope of the comments summarizer tool?

The comments summarizer tool will organize and summarize topics in the comments section of a video, making it easier for viewers to understand the key discussions. Currently, this feature is exclusively accessible in English, limiting its availability to other languages.

3. How can content creators benefit from these AI features?

Content creators can use the comments summarizer tool to gain insights into their subscribers’ discussions, potentially inspiring new video content. Content creators possess the power to manage their channel’s discussions effectively. This includes the capability to eliminate comments linked to particular subjects, granting them greater authority over the content within their channel.


YouTube’s venture into generative AI features is set to enhance the way users interact with the platform. The conversational tool and comments summarizer will provide a more engaging and efficient experience for viewers while offering valuable insights to content creators.

YouTube consistently experiments with innovative features in order to enhance the user experience. To do this, they gather feedback from users. They are committed to improving the platform based on this feedback. Exciting times lie ahead in the world of online video content, and generative AI features are leading the way.

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