Yann LeCun Doubts AI Superintelligence, Questions Quantum Computing

In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Meta’s chief scientist, Yann LeCun, provides a perspective distinct from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s bullish outlook. LeCun emphasizes the considerable time gap before AI achieves true sentience and common sense. 

Yann LeCun Unveils Insights as Meta’s Chief Scientist

LeCun dismisses the notion of AI reaching human-level competitiveness shortly, labeling it an “AI war” where Nvidia supplies the weaponry. His skepticism extends to the current trajectory of AI research, pointing out the industry’s fixation on language models and text data. 

LeCun asserts that current training methods fall short, taking a swipe at the inefficiency of text-based learning.

To address these limitations, Meta AI executives, including Yann LeCun, are steering research towards multimodal AI systems. These systems, integrating audio, image, and video data, aim to uncover hidden correlations. 

This approach seeks to propel AI capabilities into the realm of the extraordinary, as opposed to the conventional focus on textual information.

Cutting-Edge Applications:

Meta’s foray into practical applications involves the adaptation of transformer models, such as those used in ChatGPT, for diverse data sets. A standout example is Meta’s software designed to enhance tennis skills through augmented reality. 

This innovative system combines three-dimensional visual data, text, and audio, offering a glimpse into the potential of AI-powered digital assistants.

The Future of AI Hardware:

Nvidia’s Dominance:

Nvidia emerges as a frontrunner in AI hardware, with its graphics processing units (GPUs) serving as the backbone for training large language models. Meta’s reliance on Nvidia A100 GPUs for its Llama AI software exemplifies this industry trend.

Evolving Chip Technology:

Yann LeCun envisions a shift in nomenclature, anticipating neural, deep learning accelerators to replace traditional GPUs. While acknowledging the potential emergence of new hardware providers, he maintains that GPUs remain the gold standard in AI technology.

Quantum Computing Skepticism:

Yann LeCun and Meta’s stance on quantum computing is cautious. Despite significant investments by tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Google, LeCun questions the practical relevance of quantum computers. He asserts that classical computers may efficiently solve a broader array of problems.

Meta senior fellow Mike Schroepfer aligns with LeCun’s skepticism, deeming quantum machines irrelevant to their current objectives. The focus remains on the commercialization of existing AI technologies within a more foreseeable timeframe.


As Meta explores the boundaries of AI, LeCun’s skepticism challenges prevailing industry narratives. The pursuit of multimodal AI systems and the potential shift in hardware underscore Meta’s commitment to pushing the boundaries. In this dynamic landscape, the quest for true AI prowess continues.

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Q: How does Meta plan to enhance AI capabilities beyond text-based models?

A: Meta is investing in multimodal AI systems, incorporating audio, image, and video data to uncover hidden correlations and unlock new possibilities.

Q: Why is there skepticism about quantum computing in the context of AI development?

A: Yann LeCun and Meta express reservations about the practical relevance of quantum computers, suggesting classical computers may efficiently solve a broader range of problems.

Q: What role does Nvidia play in the AI hardware landscape?

A: Nvidia dominates the AI hardware landscape, with its graphics processing units (GPUs) being widely used for training large language models, including Meta’s Llama AI software.

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