Exploring the Luxurious Voyah Dreamer: A Trendsetter in China’s Booming MPV Market

Discover the unique features and capabilities of the Voyah Dreamer as it aims to set new standards in the realm of luxury MPVs in China.

China’s grand MPV market is experiencing a remarkable surge, mirroring the nation’s powerful economy and the developing luxury of its population. Beyond mere transportation, minivans have evolved into status symbols for China’s elite, a trend inflamed by models like the Toyota Alphard. 

Unveiling China’s Luxurious Voyah Dreamer:

Distinctive Design and Features

The Voyah Dreamer, boasting a 2+2+3 seating arrangement, stands as a tremendous minivan setting it apart from its peers like Denza D9 and Trumpchi M8. Wheelsboy’s firsthand experience with the flagship variant revealed its unique, understated front fascia, riding on 20-inch wheels with an air suspension system that gracefully lowers the rear axle upon opening the electric-operated tailgate.

Interior Elegance

Stepping inside, a vast three-screen digital dashboard layout greets you, dividing into distinct displays – the instrument cluster, infotainment screen, and the passenger’s entertainment area. The Dreamer’s interior design stands out when compared to its competitors. It embraces a simplified approach, featuring a minimalistic aesthetic.

A smart arrangement of capacitive touch buttons adorns the center console, lending a contemporary and practical touch to the overall aesthetic. The use of premium soft-touch materials on door panels and the dashboard enhances the overall luxurious feel.

Comfort Redefined

The focal points of any minivan are the second and third rows, and the Dreamer excels in this regard. The middle seats offer remarkable adjustability along with heating, cooling, and massaging functions.

However, the true highlight lies in the third row, providing extensive headroom, legroom, and individual USB charging ports for each passenger.

Power and Performance

While performance might not be the primary consideration in the MPV segment, the Voyah Dreamer surprises with exceptional capabilities. The plug-in hybrid setup unlocks an impressive 560 power and 621 pound-feet of torque at its peak.

This robust performance is generated by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, complemented by two electric motors—one powering each axle for enhanced efficiency and power distribution. The manufacturer claims a 0 to 62 miles per hour acceleration in just 5.9 seconds.

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1. What sets the Voyah Dreamer apart from other luxury MPVs in China?

The Voyah Dreamer distinguishes itself with a unique design, simplified interior elegance, and exceptional comfort features, making it a standout choice among luxury minivans in China.

2. How does the Voyah Dreamer’s performance compare to other models in the MPV segment?

Despite the MPV segment not primarily focusing on performance, the Voyah Dreamer surprises with a plug-in hybrid configuration, offering an impressive peak output and acceleration speed compared to its counterparts.

3. Is the Voyah Dreamer available in the US market?

As of now, there’s no information regarding a potential US launch for the Dreamer. The minivan is scheduled for release in specific European markets by the year’s end.


Anticipated to make its mark in the European market soon, the Voyah Dreamer redefines luxury in the minivan segment. With its distinctive design, lavish interior, and unexpected performance, it stands as a testament to Voyah’s commitment to setting new standards in the realm of luxury MPVs.

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