Introducing Volvo EM90 Electric Minivan: Leaked Images Expose Electrifying Design

The initial glimpses of the Volvo EM90 electric minivan have surfaced online, offering a preview before its official unveiling next month. At first glance, this Volvo model appears distinct from anything the brand has introduced thus far.

Volvo has been hinting at an all-electric versatile vehicle, similar to a minivan, for quite a few months. The revealing of this Volvo EM90 came in January when Qin Peiji, the President of Volvo Cars China, disclosed the plans during its presentation.

Within the Volvo electric lineup, which has expanded in recent months with the XC40 and C40 Recharge, the flagship EX90 SUV and the more compact EX30 were introduced earlier this year.

Now, we’re finally granted a sneak peek at the upcoming electric minivan by Volvo, the EM90, set for its official introduction next month. So, the wait of the interested users is going to end soon.

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First images of the Volvo EM90 electric minivan Exposed

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) unveiled the images of the Volvo EM90 this week. At first sight, EM90 displays unique characteristics not seen in previous releases from the Swedish brand this year.

The Volvo EM90, patterned on the ZEEKR 009 MPV, shares an almost identical design. This electric minivan will ride on the same SEA platform used by the parent company Geely to power the Polestar 4.

Volvo EM90 Electric Minivan

Given Geely’s ownership of ZEEKR, Volvo, Polestar, and more, sharing components is commonplace. Furthermore, the Volvo EM90 will use an electric motor from Geely’s branch, Viridi E-Mobility. Also, it will harness power from a ternary lithium-ion battery, a result of Geely’s collaboration with CATL via Sichuan Power Battery Power Co.

Features of the Volvo EM90 Electric Minivan

Aligned with the ZEEKR 009, Volvo’s electric minivan incorporates many similar features. Despite the shared traits, Volvo has included its distinctive design elements in the EM90.
The front grille adopts a minimalist approach, consistent with the Swedish automaker’s design philosophy. Additionally, this electric minivan will feature a fresh rear light design and an illuminated Volvo badge at the front.

This upcoming electric minivan measures 205″ (5,206 mm) in length, 80″ (2,024 mm) in width, and 72″ (1,859 mm) in height. We can say the Volvo EM90 is set to compete with the Mercedes EQV.

The EM90’s power source will be a single rear electric motor boasting 272 hp, though the brand is likely to offer a 4WD variant.

In the case of the ZEEKR 009, buyers have two options: a 116 kWh battery pack offering a range of 436 miles (700 km), or a 140 kWh battery providing up to 510 miles (822 km) of range.

According to Volvo, the EM90 is “crafted to optimize time spent within the vehicle,” and designed as a “Scandinavian living room on the move.”

As is typical of the company, Volvo will likely incorporate cutting-edge safety and technological elements into the EM90.

A comprehensive revelation about the Volvo EM90 is anticipated on November 12, during its global unveiling. Simultaneously, pre-orders are projected to commence for customers in China.

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