Vinfast’s Expansion in the US: Franchised Dealerships and Ambitious Plans

Vinfast, the innovative automotive company, is making remarkable strides in the vast U.S. market. They are strategically advancing by using franchised dealerships, and the recent opening in Cary, North Carolina, marks the beginning of a broader nationwide distribution network.

Vinfast’s Franchised Dealerships

In a noteworthy collaboration with Leith Automotive Group, Vinfast inaugurated its inaugural dealership in Cary, NC. The introduction of sixty VF 8 electric SUVs highlights the company’s dedication to leaving a significant imprint on the American automotive landscape.

Aligned with conventional franchised dealerships, Leith assumes responsibility for repairs, maintenance, and parts support for the vehicles it sells. This symbiotic relationship, as outlined in a joint statement, underlines the smooth integration of the company into the established automotive retail framework.

The North Carolina Manufacturing Hub

In a substantial $2 billion investment initiative, North Carolina is set to host a significant manufacturing facility, becoming the central point for the company’s franchise dealerships. The factory is anticipated to boast an impressive annual manufacturing capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

As the North Carolina factory reaches completion, the company strategically secures cars for the U.S. market from its established manufacturing factory in Vietnam. This ensures a continuous supply chain and paves the way for the impending nationwide dealership expansion.

The franchised dealership in Cary is just the starting point for Vinfast’s ambitious plan to establish 125 sales points across the United States. Having received over 70 applications, Vinfast aims to solidify its presence in the American automotive market through an extensive and strategically positioned distribution network.

Vinfast made its U.S. debut in March, delivering cars in California after an initial claim of readiness in December. It is impressive that the company’s global sales performance in 2023 exceeded 13,000 automobiles in the second and third quarters.

However, concerns arose as more than half of these sales were to an affiliate company owned by Vinfast’s founder, indicating a need for sustained consumer engagement.

Initially slated for production commencement in 2024, current expectations point to operations kicking off in 2025. Vinfast’s rapid expansion is coupled with challenges, such as a pricing strategy that aligns closely with established brands rather than using the initially proposed innovative battery leasing plan.

The company must solve these intricacies as it aims for continued growth in the competitive U.S. automotive market.

Vinfast’s Upcoming Models and Innovations

Vinfast’s future lineup includes the anticipated three-row VF 9 SUV, boasting a remarkable 330-mile EPA-rated range. The firm has demonstrated its dedication to creativity and variety with teasers of smaller vehicles and the recent announcement of a future EV prototype and a “mini” SUV named the VF 3 at CES 2024.

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1. What plan does Vinfast have in place to get into the US auto industry?

Vinfast aims to expand through franchised dealerships, with the recent opening in Cary, North Carolina, marking the beginning of a national distribution network.

2. When will production at Vinfast’s factory in North Carolina start up?

The company’s expansive $2 billion manufacturing factory situated in North Carolina has adjusted its production commencement target, shifting from the initial goal of 2024 to the revised timeline of 2025.

3. Despite its rapid expansion, what challenges does Vinfast still face in the US market?

It faces challenges related to its pricing strategy, which closely mirrors established brands rather than the initially proposed battery leasing plan, impacting its competitive edge.

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