Varjo XR-4 Headset Unveiled: Pioneering the Next Era in Mixed Reality

Varjo, a leading innovator in premium enterprise headsets, has introduced its latest masterpiece to the technology spotlight—the XR-4 Headset.

The company is enthusiastically emphasizing the mixed reality capabilities of the headset. They assert that the perspective of the external environment, observed through the headset, is practically identical to how one perceives the world with their own eyes.

Unraveling the XR-4 Variants:

While lofty claims often accompany groundbreaking technology, Varjo, known for its precision, confidently asserts the XR-4’s prowess. 

Not all XR-4 headsets are created equal. The ‘Focal Edition,’ priced at $10,000, boasts a passthrough view with an astounding 51 pixels per degree resolution. A system of eye-tracked auto-focus ensures sharpness no matter where your attention stray, helping this visual masterpiece reach its ultimate brilliance. 

On the more budget-friendly side, the XR-4 standard edition, priced at $4,000, omits the auto-focus system, providing a still-impressive 33 pixels per degree resolution in the passthrough. It’s a significant leap in resolution compared to other available headsets.

To attain the XR-4’s high-resolution mixed-reality view, pixel-packed displays are integrated. Varjo embraces inside-out tracking as the default, complemented by built-in audio and the company’s controllers for a seamless experience.

Varjo XR-4 Headset Specifications

XR-4 Focal Edition

Display 2x mini-LED (200 nits with local dimming),

96% DCI-P3 colors

Resolution 3,840×3,744 (14.4MP)
Pixels Per-degree (claimed) 51
Refresh Rate 90Hz
Optics Full-dome aspheric
Field-of-view (claimed) 120° × 105°
Pass-through view Yes (51 PPD)
Optical Adjustments IPD (automatic)
IPD Adjustment Range 56–72mm
Input & Output Details:
Connectors 1x DisplayPort,

1x USB-C

Input XR-4 controllers
Audio In-head strap speakers,

3.5mm aux port

Microphone Dual-microphone
Weight 665g (headset) + 356g (headstrap)
Sensing Features:
Headset-tracking Inside-out (no external beacons),

SteamVR Tracking (external beacons) [optional]

Controller-tracking Headset-tracked (headset line-of-sight needed)
Eye-tracking Yes (200Hz)
Expression-tracking No
On-board cameras 6x tracking,

2x RGB (20MP) eye-tracked auto-focus

Depth-sensor LiDAR (300 Kpix)
MSRP $10,000

XR- 4 Headset Price

In a surprising turn, the XR-4 headset standard edition comes at a lower cost compared to its predecessor. This product is priced at $4,000, excluding the annual support fee needed for the XR-3

The XR-3 used to cost $5,500, in addition to an extra $1,500 for support. The revised pricing strategy is designed to enhance customer accessibility by reducing the overall cost.

Security Meets Innovation

Varjo introduces two ‘Secure Edition’ variants mirroring the Focal and Standard editions but tailored for niche applications. These TAA-compliant editions, priced at $8,000 and $14,000, exclude wireless radios, catering to data security concerns, especially in military applications.

The XR-4’s headset-tracked controllers are the result of a collaboration with Razer, a company with a history of venturing into various VR accessories.

Specifications Overview

  • XR-4 Focal Edition: 51 PPD passthrough resolution with eye-tracked auto-focus cameras.
  • XR-4 Standard Edition: Nearly identical specifications, excluding auto-focus camera, with a passthrough resolution of 33 PPD.

Varjo assures enthusiasts that the XR-4 headset will commence shipping by the end of 2023.

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1. When was the Varjo XR-4 released?

The Varjo XR-4 was unveiled on November 27th, 2023, following an announcement earlier on the same day.

2. How much does Varjo XR-4 cost?

The Varjo XR-4, inclusive of controllers, is available for purchase at $3990.

3. What is the resolution of Varjo XR-4?

Varjo XR-4 boasts a remarkable resolution of 3840×3744 per eye, totaling approximately 14.38 million pixels per eye or 28.75 million pixels overall.

4. What is the FoV of Varjo XR-4?

The Varjo XR-4 headset boasts an estimated horizontal field of view of 120 degrees, and a vertical field of view estimated at 105 degrees, with the diagonal FoV yet to be disclosed.

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