Unveiling iOS 17: Hidden Features for Enhanced iPhone Functionality

The release of iOS 17 brought a wave of innovation and enhancements, but not all features were covered in the Big Apple live stream. So, we will cover some of the lesser-known yet impactful features that may revolutionize your daily iPhone experience.

Hidden Features of iOS 17:

Some of the best yet hidden features of iOS 17 are listed below:

Overheating Bug Fix

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 15, users reported excessive heat issues. Apple promptly addressed this with the iOS 17.0.2 update. It also confirmed it was primarily an iOS 17 bug rather than a hardware design flaw.

Apps like Instagram were identified as contributors, overloading the A7 Pro chip CPU. This update ensures optimal performance without compromising device integrity.

Enhanced Podcast App Integration

The Apple Podcast app has evolved, now serving as a hub for various audio content. Subscribers to Apple Music, Apple News+, and other services will find relevant audio shows integrated seamlessly. This consolidation simplifies access to diverse audio content, enhancing your listening experience.

Contact Info Sharing Control

iOS 17 introduces the option to set the contact info sharing feature to “receive only.” This ensures you have control over when and how your contact information is shared, preventing unexpected exchanges. It’s a valuable privacy feature that allows you to manage connections on your terms.

Standby Mode Customization

For those with multiple MagSafe connectors, iOS 17 offers a nifty feature. Each MagSafe stand can be customized to display specific content, be it widgets, time, or photos. This personalized approach adds a touch of convenience to your device charging experience.

Streamlined Laundry Care

Ever puzzled over laundry symbols on garment tags? iOS 17 simplifies this process. By snapping a photo of the label and utilizing the “Look Up Laundry Care” feature, you receive instant guidance on how to properly care for your clothing.

Grocery List Optimization

The Reminders app now includes a specialized “grocery” list option. It intelligently categorizes food items. It also makes your supermarket trip more efficient. Further, it neatly organizes Production, dairy, and other categories. All these features ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Crossfade Effect in Apple Music

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of a Crossfade effect in Apple Music. Accessible in settings, this feature allows you to customize the blend between songs.  It creates a smoother transition between tracks for a more immersive listening experience.


Beyond the features that were seen during the live event, iOS 17 delivers an abundance of new features. From enhanced podcast integration to personalized settings, Apple has packed a lot into this update. One thing is becoming evident as we continue to investigate these new features: iOS 17 is going to completely change the way we use our iPhones.

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