Unlocking Rivian R1S: Revolutionary 400-Mile Range with Max Pack Efficiency

The Rivian R1S is an impressive all-electric SUV. It now offers an extended range with the introduction of the company’s latest innovation – the Max Pack battery. Recently updated on the official Rivian website, this enhancement allows for a remarkable EPA-estimated range of up to 400 miles.

This important discovery was discovered due to DuoRivians, a watchful Rivian Forums user. And, the community got a preview of the possibilities after someone shared a smartphone screenshot showing the variety of battery pack options for this emissions-free Rivian R1S SUV.

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Rivian R1S Max Pack Battery with 400-mile Range

Those seeking the extraordinary range of the Max Pack can have their grip on the Rivian R1S. Its price starts at $94,000. It involves a robust combination of 21-inch road wheels and the company’s exclusive dual-motor setup generating 533 horsepower. Also, it includes an impressive EPA-estimated range of 400 miles.

Furthermore, Rivian users have the option to pair the Max Pack with the high-performance dual-motor setup. They can amplify the horsepower to an impressive 665. And, they can do this without compromising a single mile of the estimated range. The price of the Rivian R1S in this specification is $99,000.

The additional $3,600 All-Terrain upgrade features 20-inch all-terrain wheels. It slightly reduces the estimated range to 355 miles for both standard and performance dual-motor Rivian R1S models.

Comparatively, the Max Pack battery which is priced at $10,000 is higher than the Large Pack battery offered by Rivian. It adds 48 extra miles to the range, as disclosed on the manufacturer’s website.

RJ Scaringe is the CEO and founder of Rivian. He had earlier revealed his work on a new Max Pack + Dual-Motor AWD configuration for the Rivian R1S, designed with seven seats and an anticipated range of 390 miles, scheduled for fall delivery.

Considering Rivian’s standard timeline of about four months for custom orders, it remains a challenge for customers to obtain a Max Pack-equipped R1S before the fall season concludes. Nevertheless, the availability of an all-electric SUV version boasting over 399 miles on a full charge is a promising development.

In fact, Rivian proudly asserts that the Rivian R1S now stands as the longest-range seven-seat electric SUV in the market. However, the Tesla Model X Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive version has an EPA-estimated driving range of 348 miles. Its starting price is $79,990.

In related updates, the online Rivian R1T inventory shop has introduced a new “Max Pack” filter. Furthermore, it hints at Rivian’s plans to incorporate ready-made pickups with the largest available battery pack into its stock soon. Delivery for these configurations may take approximately one to six weeks. However, at present, the “Max Pack” filter is grayed out, indicating that these configurations are not yet available.

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