Revolutionary Toyota FT-3e SUV Concept Teaser for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

Toyota is steadily advancing towards a future where electric vehicles, particularly the Toyota FT-3e, will take the stage in its manufacturing efforts. At the same time, the brand continues to produce hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars.

Toyota has exciting sporty two-door cars and compact crossovers on the view. Teaser images of two all-electric concepts have given us a sneak peek. These vehicles will most probably make their debut at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo later this month.

Among these concepts is the Toyota FT-3e, a name recently trademarked in the US. Toyota describes it as an “SUV-like” concept. It is aimed at enhancing customers’ daily lives with innovative driving experiences and personalized services driven by advanced technologies. The specifications of this description remain somewhat ambiguous, but it hints at upcoming personalization features and state-of-the-art technology.

Toyota FT-3e SUV Concept Teaser Showcasing Next-Generation Electric Vehicles

Characterized by sharp, angular shapes across its body, the Toyota FT-3e crossover showcases a full-width LED strip at the rear extending towards the middle of the rear fenders. While the teaser images don’t reveal the front end, they offer a view of side-mounted displays that provide crucial information such as battery state of charge (SoC), inside temperature, and interior air quality as the driver approaches the vehicle.

From the images, it appears that the Toyota FT-3e concept is a four-door design. However, further details will likely emerge as the Japan Mobility Show approaches.

Toyota also showed two teaser images of another concept vehicle that is the Toyota FT-Se. This two-door electric coupe seems to take styling inspiration from the Supra. This orange electric vehicle bears the Gazoo Racing (GR) logo and features an integrated rear spoiler and distinct design elements. Moreover, it shares major components with the FT-3e crossover.

However, specific details remain undisclosed regarding this model too. Speculation suggests it might sit on the same platform and utilize the same battery and electric motors as the SUV-like EV, but this remains unconfirmed.

Notably, the GR division had previously hinted at an electric sports car with a manual transmission, complete with simulated internal combustion engine sounds. It’s possible that Toyota might showcase these innovations through the FT-Se.

An intriguing feature seen in one of the images is a low digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. It’s accompanied by two side-mounted displays. This setup seems to be a modern reinterpretation of the wraparound dashboard seen in the A80 Supra from the 1990s, a legend in the JDM community due to its highly customizable 3.0-liter inline-six gasoline engine.

In the near future, Toyota is set to launch its initial lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) produced on the upcoming platform. We can expect this launch by the close of 2025. According to their battery technology roadmap, these vehicles will offer an impressive range of over 497 miles (800 kilometers) on a full charge and a rapid 10 to 80 percent state of charge (SoC) recharge in just about 20 minutes from a DC fast charger.

Toyota has also outlined plans to reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries by approximately 20% compared to current models, as seen in the bZ4X crossover. Additionally, they intend to introduce a more economical Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO) variant. This variant is expected to offer a range exceeding 372 miles (600 km), set to begin production in 2026 or 2027.

The future holds the promise of solid-state batteries, with the first mass-produced packs anticipated to launch in 2027 or 2028. Toyota is undoubtedly setting the stage for a remarkable transformation in the world of electric vehicles, outlined by the innovative Toyota FT-3e.

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