Tesla’s Optimus Robot Sorts Coloured Blocks and Strikes Yoga Poses

Tesla’s Optimus Robot, applauded by CEO Elon Musk as superior to its peers, displays notable advancements from its initial struggles. Musk introduced this robot a year ago with an expected cost below $20,000.

Features of Tesla’s Optimus Robot

This robot now exhibits enhanced capabilities. It can sort blocks by color and execute yoga poses, as seen in a brief video shared on Threads. 

This recent update indicates substantial progress compared to its debut at Tesla AI Day. Back then, Optimus robots faced challenges, with one moving slowly on stage and another requiring assistance.

Mr. Musk emphasized that this marked the first time Optimus moved independently.

Today, Optimus Robot boasts self-calibration abilities for its arms and legs. Using vision and joint position encoders, it precisely locates its limbs in space. The neural net operates onboard relying completely on vision.

Further, the video prominently displayed Optimus in which it was sorting blocks of green and blue tints. Notably, it showcased self-sufficient corrective actions, illustrated by picking up a block and placing it upright.

Tesla defines Optimus as a versatile, bipedal humanoid robot designed to handle tiresome, repetitive, or uncertain tasks. It stands at approximately 173cm tall and weighs about 57kg. It was initially intended for jobs like assembling car parts, managing components in factories, and handling groceries.

However, skeptics voice concerns about AI-driven robots, specifying potential job displacement and safety risks. Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent AI figure and deep learning pioneer, expressed worries about unexpected AI behaviors and the potential development of genuinely self-governing weapons or “killer robots.”

Mr. Musk reassured during Optimus’s debut that the robot would work in a friendly manner. Moreover, it will aid humans, emphasizing the ability to avoid or overpower it on a mechanical level.

Advocates for AI and robots actively work to dispel negative perceptions. At the UN AI for Good Global Summit, humanoid robots held a press conference, affirming they won’t replace human jobs and advocating for cautious yet enthusiastic AI regulation.

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