Breaking News: Tesla Model 3 Facelift Unveiled at French Owners Club

The Tesla Model 3 is also known as the “Project Highland” Model 3. It is the updated model of the most affordable vehicle produced by the Austin-based company. It was revealed at the end of August, and since then has been on display at different European car shows. Just this past weekend, it was a notable presence at a Tesla owners’ club gathering in France.

In a video shared by a lady on her official X account (formerly Twitter), a striking red Tesla Model 3 captivated numerous brand enthusiasts eager to examine it in detail. The compact Model 3 was strategically positioned alongside a Model S and a Model X. It presented an impressive display for the attendees.

Tesla Model 3 Facelift Revealed At French Owners Club Event

The European audience got a glimpse of the Model 3 at the 2023 Salon Automobile Lyon, where Tesla also exhibited the Model Y. In the European market, the Tesla Model 3 stands among the top-selling plug-in cars.

Statistics from January to July place it at the third position overall on the Old Continent, with a notable 48,904 units sold. It only trailed behind the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Tesla Model Y in sales. Additionally, it secured its position as an attractive choice for emissions-free traveling in Europe.

In the United States, Tesla cars, especially the well-known Tesla Model 3, dominate the market for electric vehicles on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Reports suggest an impressive estimated sale of 325,291 cars in the first half of the year. Remarkably, this surpasses the combined sales of the next 19 brands, totaling just under 215,000 EVs during the same period.

Given Tesla’s significant presence on US roads, their decision to postpone the launch of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 raises questions. The first deliveries are anticipated to commence in Europe this month. Also, a substantial number of brand-new cars await shipping in Chinese ports. However, the start date of production for the Model 3 “Highland” in the US remains uncertain.

One theory speculates that it may be unveiled during the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event on American soil, although no official confirmation is available. Yet, the specific date for the Cybertruck event remains undisclosed.


Despite these uncertainties, Tesla maintains an active stance. There have been reported sightings of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 on US roads following its European reveal. The anticipation for the Model 3 “Highland” in the US continues to grow. It also fits with its well-established popularity in both Europe and the US.

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