Terren is Breaking Barriers and Reaching Heights in Electric Mobility

Swiss innovation has once again pushed the boundaries of electric mobility with the groundbreaking Terren, a solar-powered off-road truck developed by Aebi Schmidt.

This marvel recently etched its name in history by conquering the western ridge of Ojos del Salado in Chile, the world’s highest active volcano. 

Terren is Breaking Barriers and Scaling Heights in Electric Mobility

In a literal interpretation of the “aim high” adage, Terren mounted to remarkable heights, setting a new record for electric vehicles. While the sports car, fueled by synthetic fuel, conquered 22,093 feet above sea level, this solar-powered truck, relying solely on electricity, reached an impressive 21,325 feet.

This accomplishment surpassed the previous record held by the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, proving the strength of Terren in the extreme regions.

Developed by Aebi Schmidt, a Swiss company specializing in agricultural machinery and heavy equipment, this truck stands as a testament to Swiss engineering prowess. This multi-purpose truck, a prototype based on the Aebi VT450 Transporter, boasts rear-wheel steering for enhanced maneuverability.

The 90-kilowatt-hour battery, though modest, provides a range of 124 miles, with the potential for a 140-kWh pack in the production version, promising extended journeys.

Terren’s electric strength is complemented by a pair of electric motors generating a combined 380 horsepower. Recognizing the remoteness of Ojos del Salado, the truck is equipped with roof-mounted solar panels spanning 86 square feet, supplemented by an additional 301 square feet of mobile photovoltaics during sunny hours.

Using the sun’s energy for five hours provides a remarkable 93 miles of range, exemplifying sustainable off-grid travel.

The Record-Breaking Expedition

The historic journey started at the Maricunga salt lake, gradually overcoming altitudinal milestones. Starting at 11,154 feet, Terren succeeded over the 6,000-meter barrier in November and reached the top at 21,325 feet a week later.

Noteworthy is the fact that Terren solely relied on solar power throughout the entire journey, marking a paradigm shift in sustainable electric off-road adventures.

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Q1: What is Terren’s range on solar power alone?

Terren is equipped with solar panels and innovative energy-capture technology. It achieves an impressive 93 miles (150 kilometers) of range after using the sun’s energy for five hours.

Q2: How does Terren’s altitude record compare to other electric vehicles?

Its altitude record of 21,325 feet surpasses the previous record held by the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX. It solidifies its position as an innovator in extreme terrain electric mobility.

Q3: What is the production version of Terren capable of in terms of battery capacity and range?

The production version of this truck can accommodate a 140-kWh battery pack, providing an extended range for adventurous journeys into challenging landscapes.

In conclusion, Terren’s conquest of Ojos del Salado not only sets a new benchmark for electric vehicles but also showcases the potential of sustainable and high-altitude off-road travel. This Swiss-engineered marvel is a testament to the fusion of innovation and eco-friendly mobility.

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