STLA Large Platform Unveils Electric Innovation at Stellantis

Stellantis is making a strong entry into the EV market with its STLA Large platform, a dedicated EV foundation promising an impressive 500 miles of range. This revolutionary platform is set to support a fleet of future cars, crossovers, and SUVs, marking a significant leap in sustainable mobility. 

Breaking Down the STLA Large Platform

Stellantis introduced four dedicated EV platforms in 2021, with STLA Large emerging as a leader. The claim of a 500-mile range, initially made in 2021, still stands, with a focus on sedans. However, whether this assertion is based on projected EPA range figures remains unspecified. 

The platform’s charging capabilities are equally striking, offering both 400-volt and 800-volt options. Fast charging, at an impressive 4.5 kWh per minute with 800-volt hardware, ensures quick and efficient power top-ups. The battery packs range from 85 kWh to 118 kWh, referring to diverse driving needs. 

Power and Performance

Stellantis aims for excellence, emphasizing the ability of the STLA Large platform to handle “extreme power.” Acceleration enthusiasts will be thrilled with 0-62 mph times in the 2.0-second range, showcasing the platform’s mastery. Over-the-air (OTA) update capability for the powertrain ensures continuous improvement and adaptability.

Different types of drivetrains include rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. These types offer versatility for various vehicle models. This allows flexibility in configuring the vehicles according to different needs and preferences. 

Dimensions and Versatility

For the first time, Stellantis has disclosed dimensions for the STLA Large platform, hinting at its versatile applications. This platform fits a variety of vehicle types with overall lengths between 187.6 and 201.8 inches and wheelbases between 113.0 and 121.1 inches. With an overall width that ranges from 74.7 to 79.9 inches, the design is both balanced and versatile.

The STLA Large platform is perfect for off-road fans, offering an impressive ground clearance between 5.5 and 11.3 inches. This means it’s well-prepared for rough territory. Moreover, the platform can handle tires with diameters as large as 32.6 inches, presenting its excellent suitability for off-road use.

Future Roadmap

Stellantis has ambitious plans, intending to launch eight vehicles based on the STLA Large platform between 2024 and 2026. The rollout begins in North America, with Jeep and Dodge models leading the charge. Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Maserati will follow suit, promising a diverse lineup.

Get ready for some thrilling launches! Dodge is gearing up for an electric muscle car, and the Jeep Wagoneer S is also in the pipeline. As for Chrysler’s debut, the specifications remain a mystery. Some are betting on a production version of the Airflow crossover concept, while others envision an electric minivan. The road ahead in the automotive world is unmistakably electric, and Stellantis is taking the lead in leading us into this electrifying era.

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1. What sets STLA Large apart from other EV platforms?

STLA Large stands out with its 500-mile range, diverse drivetrain configurations, and versatile dimensions, making it adaptable for various vehicle models.

2. Can the STLA Large be used for off-road applications?

Yes, the platform’s impressive ground clearance and ability to accommodate large tire diameters hint at its potential for off-road adventures.

3. When will cars built on the STLA Large platform be released?

Stellantis intends to launch eight new cars between 2024 and 2026. Dodge and Jeep models will be the main focus of its initial releases. After that, we can expect new models from Maserati, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo to come out.

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