Singles Day Sales in China: Apple’s Decline and Huawei’s Surge

Dive into the dynamic world of Singles Day Sales on 11/11 in China and explore Apple’s 4% decline and Huawei’s 66% surge, revealing a market shift.

On November 11, commonly referred to as Singles Day or Double 11 due to the distinctive 11/11 date, China witnessed intriguing shifts in smartphone sales. This analysis delves into the fluctuations observed, highlighting the contrasting trajectories of Apple and Huawei devices.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Singles Day Sales:

Singles Day sales figures for November 11 reveal a 4% decline in iPhone sales year over year, juxtaposed with a remarkable 66% surge in Huawei smartphone sales during the same period. The significance of these numbers becomes apparent when examining the historical success Apple has traditionally enjoyed on Singles Day.

Apple, a stalwart on Singles Day, faced a downturn this year. Retail giant, disclosed staggering sales of $1.39 billion in Apple products during the event. However, the breakdown of these figures, differentiating between iPhones and other Apple devices, remains elusive.

Data Challenges and Retailer Trends:

While provided insights into Apple’s Singles Day performance, challenges arise in making comprehensive percentage comparisons without access to complete figures. 

Furthermore, China’s major retailers have ceased disclosing Singles Day sales data, hindering direct year-on-year comparisons.

Emergence of Chinese Brands:

Beyond Apple and Huawei, the Singles Day landscape saw another notable player. Xiaomi reported a substantial 28% year-over-year growth, signaling a broader trend of Chinese brands ascending in the market.

This growth suggests a potential shift in consumer preferences and market dynamics, with Chinese brands gaining ground.

Xiaomi’s Impact and Cumulative Gross Merchandise Value:

Xiaomi’s influence on Singles Day was evident as it reported a significant cumulative gross merchandise value of $3.14 billion. Interestingly, both Huawei and Apple remained tight-lipped about their Singles Day performances, leaving room for speculation on the impact of this market shift.

Global Impact:

Separately, Counterpoint Research unveiled a global perspective, attributing the break in a 27-month series of smartphone sales declines to the introduction of the iPhone 15. This global impact showcases the interconnected nature of the smartphone market and the ripple effects of individual product releases.

The Singles Day sales data illuminates a dynamic shift in the Chinese smartphone market, with Apple facing challenges, Huawei experiencing unprecedented growth, and Chinese brands collectively asserting their presence. As the market undergoes transformations, understanding these shifts becomes crucial for both industry insiders and consumers alike.

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Q1: How did Apple perform on Singles Day in China?

A1: Apple experienced a 4% decline in iPhone sales on Singles Day, despite historically strong performances on this key shopping event.

Q2: Which Chinese brand demonstrated significant growth on Singles Day?

A2: Xiaomi emerged as a prominent player, exhibiting a substantial 28% year-over-year increase in sales during Singles Day Sales.

Q3: Were detailed sales figures provided by for Apple products?

A3: Although reported $1.39 billion in Apple product sales, the lack of a breakdown hinders a precise analysis of which products were included.

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