SDXL Turbo Can Produce AI Images As Quickly As You Can Type

On Tuesday, Stability AI introduced the Stable Diffusion XL Turbo (SDXL Turbo), a cutting-edge AI image-synthesis model designed for extremely fast imagery creation. This innovation promises “real-time” image generation, transforming source images with unprecedented speed.

Turbocharged Efficiency with SDXL Turbo

The standout feature of SDXL Turbo lies in its ability to generate image outputs in a single step, a remarkable departure from its predecessor’s 20–50-step process. 

Stability AI credits the notable improvement in efficiency to a cutting-edge technique known as Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). This method combines score distillation and adversarial loss, significantly boosting the model’s capacity to differentiate between authentic and artificially generated images

Stability delves into the intricacies of SDXL Turbo’s functionality in a detailed research paper released on the same Tuesday. A noteworthy claim is its resemblance to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), particularly in their proficiency in producing single-step image outputs.

The SDXL Turbo distinguishes itself not by intricate details in its images but by prioritizing speed. It is not planned as a replacement for its predecessor. Rather, its strength lies in delivering exceptionally fast performance, resulting in truly impressive outcomes.

Performance Analysis: From 3 Steps to Real-Time

In a practical test, SDXL Turbo on an Nvidia RTX 3060 can swiftly generate a 3-step 1024×1024 image in just 4 seconds, compared to the 26.4 seconds required by a 20-step SDXL image with similar detail. 

Smaller images process even faster, under one second for 512×768, showcasing the potential efficiency boost with more powerful graphics cards like the RTX 3090 or 4090.

Real-Time Claim and Future Applications

The crux of SDXL Turbo’s “real-time” claim lies in its astounding generation speed. Stability AI asserts that, on an Nvidia A100, the model can produce a 512×512 image in a mere 207 milliseconds. This opens doors to real-time generative AI video filters and experimental video game graphics generation, pending resolution of coherency issues.

Presently, SDXL Turbo is accessible under a non-commercial research license, limited to personal, non-commercial use. While this has sparked some criticism in the Stable Diffusion community, Stability AI remains open to commercial applications, inviting interested parties to reach out for further details.

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Internal Dynamics and Ongoing Releases

Amid internal management challenges and calls for CEO Emad Mostaque’s resignation, Stability AI remains resilient. News about a potential company sale continues, but this hasn’t stopped the flow of announcements. The latest update introduces Stable Video Diffusion, a feature with the ability to convert static images into brief video clips.

Curious minds can explore the capabilities of SDXL Turbo through a beta demonstration of Stability AI’s image-editing platform, Clipdrop. For a more hands-on experience, an unofficial live demo is available on Hugging Face, allowing users to experiment with the technology for free.


1. How does SDXL Turbo’s efficiency compare to its predecessor?

SDXL Turbo showcases a significant efficiency leap by generating image outputs in a single step, contrasting with the 20–50 steps required by its predecessor.

2. Can Stable Diffusion XL Turbo be used for commercial purposes?

While currently under a non-commercial research license, Stability AI expresses openness to commercial applications and encourages interested parties to inquire for more information.

3. What potential applications arise from SDXL’s real-time image generation?

With its rapid generation speed, SDXL Turbo holds promise for real-time generative AI video filters and experimental video game graphics generation, provided coherency challenges are addressed.

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