Samsung’s One UI 6 Update Unveils Auto Blocker for Enhanced Security

In the recent One UI 6 update, Samsung has unveiled a cutting-edge security tool for Galaxy smartphone owners, known as Auto Blocker. This tremendous addition is designed to shield users from potential threats posed by malicious software.

Three Essential Features of Auto Blocker

Auto Blocker comprises three pivotal features, each aimed at fortifying the security of Galaxy smartphone users.

1. App Sideloading Protection:

Auto Blocker’s first line of defense is its capability to prevent apps from being sideloaded or installed from unauthorized sources. This proactive measure serves as a safeguard against “social engineering attacks,” where scammers attempt to manipulate users into installing harmful applications.

While Samsung acknowledges the benefits of sideloading for customization and enhanced device control, this feature is disabled by default to maintain user freedom. It can be activated through the Galaxy phone’s Settings menu.

2. Security Checks for Apps:

Auto Blocker enhances security by conducting thorough checks on installed apps to identify any signs of malicious activity. This proactive approach ensures your device’s integrity and data security.

3. USB Cable Command Blocking:

Galaxy smartphone users can now block commands sent through a USB cable. This option, which may seem odd at first, is useful while charging your phone in public areas like airports or other places where someone could physically reach your device.

Notable Features and Advanced Options

Apart from the core features, Auto Blocker offers some noteworthy aspects and advanced options, enhancing overall security:

Message Guard Upgrade:

The Message Guard feature, initially protecting first-party apps from zero-click attacks, now extends its coverage to messages sent via Messenger, Telegram, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp, providing a broader shield against potential threats.

Software Update Prevention:

Users also have the option to prevent software updates via the USB cable. Although not stated explicitly in the original text, the announcement image hints at the potential presence of concealed features. This subtle clue suggests the existence of extra, undisclosed functionalities.


It’s important to note that while Auto Blocker is a remarkable security tool, it is currently unavailable for users of US carrier models. Nevertheless, all other Galaxy device owners compatible with One UI 6 will benefit from this advanced security feature.

Users have the option to enhance their device security by blocking software updates using a USB cable. This added layer of protection proves valuable when connecting your device to unfamiliar USB ports.

Interestingly, the initial announcement neglected any explicit mention of this feature. Instead, it surfaced in an image, suggesting the existence of potentially concealed functionalities.

In conclusion, Auto Blocker is a valuable addition to Samsung’s commitment to enhancing the security of Galaxy smartphones, offering robust protection against potential threats. While it is not yet available for US carrier models, other Galaxy device owners can take advantage of its security features to safeguard their devices and data. Stay tuned for further updates and explore the world of secure Galaxy smartphones with Auto Blocker.

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1. What is sideloading, and why does Samsung allow it on its devices?

Sideloading refers to the practice of installing apps from sources other than official app stores. Samsung permits sideloading as it provides users with the freedom to customize their devices while retaining control over functionality. However, they also offer protection against potential threats through Auto Blocker.

2. Why isn’t the security check feature available to American users on US carrier models?

The reason for this limitation isn’t mentioned, but it hints that American users might not access the security check feature. We encourage users to check their device’s compatibility with this feature for assurance.

3. Are there any hidden features in Auto Blocker not listed in the text?

While the text hints at the possibility of hidden features, it remains uncertain. Users can contact the company for updates on additional functionalities, ensuring they stay informed about the latest security enhancements.

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