Safari Technology Preview 187 Unveils Apple’s Enhanced Performance

Apple is at the forefront of web browsing innovation, evident in the latest Safari Technology Preview 187. This experimental browser was introduced in 2016. It allows Apple to test and improve features for upcoming Safari releases. The continuous commitment to advancing web experiences remains a key focus for Apple’s development team.

Safari Technology Preview 187 Features:

In this latest update, Safari Technology Preview 187 offers a comprehensive set of fixes and enhancements across various domains. Accessibility, Animations, Scrolling, Storage, CSS, Forms, SVG, Rendering, Web API, and WebGL are among its noteworthy enhancements. 

For those eager to explore the enhanced capabilities, this update is compatible with machines running macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma—the latest iteration of macOS introduced by Apple in September 2023.

Users can conveniently access this update through the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences or System Settings. This ensures that the update is readily available to anyone who has previously downloaded the browser.

This latest update demonstrates Apple’s commitment to inclusive development.  This browser is designed not only for developers but also for regular users who are willing to offer feedback. This unique approach encourages collaboration and ensures that the browser evolves with the diverse needs of its user base.

Interestingly, users will be able to select between the two versions of the browser with ease as this upgrade may coexist peacefully with the current Safari version. Notably, there is no requirement for a developer account to access or download this innovative browser.

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1. Can non-developers use Safari Technology Preview?

Absolutely! While initially designed for developers, this latest preview update refers to all users interested in exploring innovative features. No developer account is needed to download and experience this advanced browser.

2. How often does Apple release updates for Safari Technology Preview?

Apple is committed to continuous improvement. Updates for Technology Preview are released regularly, introducing fixes, enhancements, and the latest features. Users can conveniently access these updates through the Software Update mechanism.

3. Can Safari Technology Preview and Safari coexist on the same system?

Yes, indeed. The purpose of Safari Technology Preview is to function in combination with the current Safari web browser. Users won’t have any issues while selecting the browser that best meets their needs thanks to this unique functionality.

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