Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs Reaching 410 Miles of Range

Customers have started receiving their Rivian R1T electric pickups. These pickups are equipped with the impressive Max Pack battery. Additionally, this battery sets the benchmark for electric pickup range.

Initially, Rivian debuted the R1T with two battery choices, providing a range of up to 314 miles. However, they affirmed to introduce an extended-range battery, and now they have delivered on that promise.

In recent updates, Rivian announced the availability of their R1S “Max Pack” option on the configurator, presenting an astounding range of up to 400 miles. This establishes the R1S as the leading seven-passenger electric SUV in terms of range.

At the same time, the Rivian R1T with Max Pack shines with a remarkable range of up to 410 miles. Further, it firmly secures its position as the longest-range electric pickup currently in the market.

Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs Reach 410-Mile Milestone

With the onset of deliveries, the first Rivian R1T Max Pack models have already found their way to customers. Rivian has also informed that deliveries for the R1S electric SUV Max Pack will commence later this fall.

Customers may now pick between three different battery options: Standard, Large, and the recently launched Max. The Max Pack costs $16,000 whereas the Large Pack has an additional cost of $6,000. These models have a variety of AWD drive systems. These drive systems include twin motors, Performance, and Quad Motor. Their prices start at $73,000 for the Rivian R1T and $78,800 for the R1S.

Opting for the Performance drive system entails a $5,000 upgrade. Whereas the Quad-Motor drive system costs $8,000. For those seeking a quicker acquisition of a Rivian R1T model, Rivian has opened up its inventory shop to enable easy access to available models in your vicinity.

In terms of delivery, customers can anticipate receiving their orders within one to six weeks for available models. It is a notable improvement compared to the lengthier custom orders that could take several months. Rivian has made significant steps in enhancing production capacity throughout the year to meet the increasing demand.

Their target is to manufacture an impressive 52,000 electric models this year, marking a substantial increase. In fact, Rivian has already achieved a commendable delivery milestone. Now, it has successfully handed over a total of 36,150 EVs during the initial nine months of this year.

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