PS5 Console Covers and DualSense Wireless Controllers: The Deep Earth Collection

PS5 Console Covers and DualSense Wireless Controllers are going to be available in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. The users can use them later this year. These upcoming colors will grace both the PS5 console covers as well as the DualSense wireless controllers. Also, they will add a sophisticated touch with their smooth metallic finishes. 

 Let’s hear from Satoshi Aoyagi and Leo Cardoso who are the key members of the design team. They will shed light on the inspiration and design process behind this vibrant collection. They have shared their opinions on the creative journey that originated these striking colors.

 Satoshi Aoyagi expresses:

“While crafting this new collection, we were profoundly inspired by the captivating and powerful hues residing deep within our planet Earth. To elevate these colors, we infused a metallic finish, imparting a dash of sophistication.” 

Leo Cardoso says;

“Volcanic Red boasts a rich blazing red tone. Cobalt Blue, on the other hand, offers a deep shade of blue with intriguing hints of purple. Lastly, Sterling Silver showcases a classic aesthetic with a subtle blue undertone.”

In the upcoming months, we can’t wait to introduce fans and players to this new spectrum of colors. The suggested retail price (RRP) for the Deep Earth DualSense controllers is $74.99 USD/9,980 (including tax)/€74.99/£64.99.

At the same time, the Deep Earth PS5 console covers will cost $59.99 USD/£49.99/€59.99 (including tax) or 7,980 (excluding tax). Although specific variations in availability and exact launch dates may exist.

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PS5 Console Covers and Dual Sense Wireless Controllers: 

Beginning Wednesday, October 4 at 10 AM local time, players may submit pre-orders for the Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver variations in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Portugal.

This will grant players the opportunity to secure their desired DualSense wireless controllers and PS5 Console Covers. Select retailers throughout the world will also have an approach to this in various worldwide markets. Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue are most probably going to launch on November 3. While Sterling Silver will launch on January 26.

The Deep Earth Collection promises to be a delightful addition to the PlayStation gaming experience. The complicated blend of shades inspired by the depths of our Earth is paired with the metallic finish. It promotes these PS5 accessories to a level of unparalleled grace. Players now eagerly await this new spectrum of colors.

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