Prius Battery Recycling Initiative Led by Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials, founded by Tesla alum JB Straubel, is at the forefront of revolutionizing battery recycling in the United States.

With a mission to boost American EVs’ local content and aid automakers in reaching sustainability targets, Redwood has embarked on a noteworthy initiative. They have introduced an online platform designed specifically for the disposal of lifetime electric vehicle batteries.

Revolutionizing Battery Recycling:

In a move to streamline the recycling process, Redwood’s online portal empowers U.S. automotive dismantlers, commonly known as salvage yards, to input battery details and receive instant offers for their Prius Battery packs. This initiative aims to bolster the recycling ecosystem, ensuring the responsible disposal and reuse of materials from retired electric vehicles.

Contrary to common belief, automotive recycling is not centralized. The industry boasts over 9,000 recycling locations in the U.S., employing 140,000 individuals. Cars, being the most recycled item in the country, witness around 12 million vehicles being recycled annually. 

Redwood’s strategic partnerships weave a network through various components, giving a second life to materials from old vehicles.

Tackling the Surge of EVs:

As the number of electric vehicles reaching recyclers accelerates, Redwood plays a pivotal role in shaping the U.S. battery-material ecosystem. In 2024, the company anticipates a significant milestone, with 250,000 electrified vehicles reaching the end of their useful lives. 

This includes a considerable number of hybrids, with Toyota leading the way in sourcing recycled materials for their EV batteries, particularly from retired Prius hybrids.

Strategic Partnerships and Government Support:

Several automakers, including VW, Audi, and Ford, have joined hands with Redwood in forging sustainable battery recycling pathways. Redwood’s commitment has garnered recognition from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who sees the company playing an “outsized role” in bringing the battery supply chain home.

With a $2 billion DOE loan, Redwood is set for expansion, aiming to create a circular EV supply chain.

Successful California Pilot Program:

Redwood initiated a pilot program in California in early 2022, marking a milestone in the company’s commitment to responsible battery recycling. Within the first 12 months, the program collected 1,268 battery packs from 19 different EV and hybrid models, with an impressive 82% containing lithium-ion cells. 

Redwood reports a recovery rate of over 95% for essential materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper.

Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Responsibility:

Amid concerns about EVs facing issues similar to the catalytic converter epidemic, Redwood assures a meticulous process. Each transaction is carefully approved, with vehicle title and serial numbers verified. 

Redwood’s dedicated team stands ready to assist dismantlers in processing EV battery packs. Unlike catalytic converters, removing an EV battery pack demands time and skill. Redwood takes charge, handling the transportation of these substantial packs, often weighing over 1,000 pounds.

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Q1: How does Redwood ensure the responsible battery recycling of Prius Battery packs?

A: Redwood meticulously approves each transaction, verifying vehicle title and serial numbers. The company has a dedicated team to assist dismantlers in the careful processing of EV battery packs.

Q2: What distinguishes an EV battery pack from a catalytic converter in terms of recycling challenges?

A: Unlike catalytic converters, EV battery packs require specialized skills for removal. Redwood’s online portal streamlines the process, and once a sale is accepted, the company manages the transportation of these sizable packs.

Q3: What role does Redwood play in the broader landscape of battery recycling and sustainability?

A: Redwood is positioned as a key player in shaping the U.S. battery-material ecosystem. With strategic partnerships and government support, the company aims to create a closed-loop circular EV supply chain, contributing significantly to sustainability goals.


As Redwood Materials successfully concludes its California pilot program, the focus is now on scaling up operations. The company is dedicated to responsible battery recycling and has formed strategic partnerships. 

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