OxygenOS Unveils Advanced Updates for OnePlus 9R and 8 Models

OnePlus enthusiasts in India can rejoice as the tech giant introduces an OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 8 smartphones. 

This latest update aims to enhance the user experience by incorporating the December 2023 Android Security patch, strengthening overall device security.

OxygenOS Update Details:

The OnePlus 9R, a flagship device, takes center stage with the prompt installation of the OxygenOS firmware. This incremental OTA update not only fortifies security but also brings potential bug fixes and performance enhancements, although specific details may not be outlined in the official changelog.

Simultaneously, OnePlus 8 users join the advancement wave with the deployment of the OxygenOS update. While the update mirrors that of the OnePlus 9R, it’s worth noting that OnePlus 8 Pro users may experience a slight delay before receiving the same firmware.

Due to the incremental nature of these updates, OnePlus users might encounter a brief delay in availability. This strategic approach involves an initial release to a limited user base, ensuring a careful verification process before the broader rollout. 

Users keen on obtaining the update promptly can manually check for it via Settings > About > Software Updates > Check for Updates.

Bug Reporting Made Easy

Encountering a bug in the latest build? OnePlus facilitates smooth bug reporting through Google Dialer. Users can simply type *#800# or visit the OnePlus Community to submit their findings, contributing to ongoing improvements.

Beyond the current update, OnePlus has ambitious plans for its software lineup. The company is gearing up to introduce the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 update across its compatible smartphones. 

While some, including the OnePlus 11 Series, OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 10R, OnePlus Nord 3, and OnePlus Pad, have already embraced this evolution, others remain in the closed or open beta programs. For a detailed timeline, users can refer to the official roadmap provided by OnePlus.

OxygenOS 14 Highlights

The upcoming OxygenOS 14 brings a myriad of changes and improvements. One noteworthy addition is the introduction of the Anamorphic Design, elevating the UI to a modern and elegant aesthetic. To explore the full spectrum of features within this new skin, users can find comprehensive information on the official OnePlus platform.

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Q1: How can I manually check for the OxygenOS update?

A: To manually check for the update, navigate to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check for Updates on your OnePlus device.

Q2: Is there a specific reason for the delay in the OnePlus 8 Pro update?

A: The OnePlus 8 Pro update may experience a slight delay compared to the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 8, likely due to additional verification processes.

Q3: How can I report bugs in the latest OxygenOS update?

A: Users can easily report bugs in the latest build by using Google Dialer and typing *#800# or by visiting the OnePlus Community. Your feedback is valuable in refining the user experience.

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