Nio ET7 Breaks Barriers with 650-Mile Range on Next-Gen 150-kWh Battery

Nio, a pioneering force in electric vehicles, has made a significant milestone with its Nio ET7 model, equipped with the groundbreaking 150-kWh battery pack.

The company asserts that this cutting-edge battery allowed the vehicle to cover an impressive 650 miles on a single charge, demonstrating its power in real-world conditions.

Nio ET7 Uses a Semi-Solid-State Battery to Deliver 650 Miles on 150 kWh:

A group of drivers, including Nio’s founder and CEO William Li, undertook a 14-hour journey from Shanghai to Xiamen, showing the exceptional capabilities of the Nio ET7. The trip used an amazing 97% of the car’s battery capacity, all while maintaining an average speed of 45 mph. 

Nio ET7 has confirmed this achievement by releasing an in-car video on YouTube, providing transparent documentation of the groundbreaking journey.

Nio first introduced the 150-kWh battery pack in January 2021, and it has now hit the market as the pinnacle of the company’s next-gen battery technology. This 150-kWh battery pack stands out as the most sizable in both capacity and energy density among EV packs produced on a large scale in China. 

Featuring a cell-to-pack design, the pouch cells incorporate semi-solid-state chemistry with an impressive energy density of 360 watt-hours per kilogram. The semi-solid-state cells employed by Nio serve as a stepping stone toward true solid-state technology. Despite potential concerns about longevity and safety, Nio’s innovative approach appears promising.

Nio ET7 is dedicated to advancing battery technology, staying in line with a wider industry movement. Other companies, such as Polestar, are also exploring semi-solid-state batteries, reflecting the shared pursuit of innovation in this sector. 

Major automakers like Toyota, and Honda are also searching for the best solid-state battery cells.

Nio’s Battery Swapping Advancements

Nio stands at the forefront of battery-swapping technology, now in its third generation. Collaborating with industry leaders like Volvo and Polestar parent Geely, Nio has expanded its network to perform an impressive 24 million battery swaps.

With intentions to expand across Europe, the company, as of December 19, principally operated 2,322 stations in China. Nio is showing its commitment to improving EV infrastructure internationally with this partnership.

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Q1: How does the Nio battery swap work?

Swapping a fully charged battery is a quick process, taking just 3 minutes. The system automatically checks the battery and electric components during each swap, ensuring both the vehicle and battery remain in optimal condition. The fully automatic battery swap initiates when the car is in the ready-for-power-swap mode and continues until the self-check is completed.

Q2: How does Nio’s technology for semi-solid-state batteries differ from other current chemistries?

Nio’s semi-solid-state battery technology bridges the gap to true solid-state tech, offering a promising path forward. While some concerns exist, Nio’s approach sets a new standard with its pouch cells and semi-solid-state chemistry.

Q3: How does the Nio ET7 achieve a 650-mile range on a single charge?

The ET7 accomplishes its remarkable range by using an advanced 150-kWh battery pack, showing Nio’s advancements in energy density and overall battery technology.

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