Lyric Cycles’ New Graffiti X Offers a Powerful 3,000W Motor

Lyric Cycles is releasing its new Graffiti X, the e-bike building upon the success of its predecessor, the Graffiti. It stands out as a powerful contender in the electric bike world, showing Lyric Cycles’ commitment to innovation.

Graffiti X With 3,000-Watt Rear Hub Motor:

The key component of the Graffiti X is its strong 3,000W rear hub motor. It’s 500 watts stronger than its predecessor, Graffiti. The motor’s max power of 7,200W, or around 10HP is an impressive feat. 

But Lyric Cycles complies with international e-bike standards by giving users the option to modify the power output while still staying within the law. With its many power settings, the Graffiti X enables riders to adhere to US restrictions by reducing power to a minimal 750 watts for street riding.

Ensuring versatility, Lyric Cycles has integrated multiple power modes into this new bike. The off-road mode delivers the full 3,000 watts of power. This feature enables the bike to reach a high speed of 45 miles per hour with a twist-throttle and guarantees an exciting off-road experience, while city streets require adherence to rules.

Powering this e-bike is a high-capacity Samsung 21700 cell 60-volt, 35-amp-hour battery pack. With this latest battery technology, your rides will have an amazing range. You can travel up to 70 miles on the road and 40 kilometers off-road.

This e-bike offers a strong aluminum frame, for a stable and solid foundation. Its Magura hydraulic brakes, located at the front and rear, deliver precise stopping power. With 16-inch wheels and four-inch-wide tires, the bike ensures stability and control during rides.

For added safety, this bike features a strong 6,000-lumen bright light in a Moto-inspired design. Moreover, it has turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, and a horn to ensure visibility.

Pricing and Availability

The Graffiti X is an exciting product that offers great value for its features at an appealing price of $ 3,999. For comparison, the cost of the regular Graffiti is $2,999. Reservations are presently being accepted on the official Lyric Cycles website for the anticipated spring 2024 release of the bike.

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1. In what ways does the Graffiti X comply with European and American e-bike regulations?

The Graffiti X offers multiple power modes, allowing riders to adjust the power output according to regional regulations. In the US, the bike can be set to a nominal 750 watts for street riding, while in Europe, where regulations mandate 250 watts, this model ensures compliance.

2. When can enthusiasts get their hands on the Graffiti X?

The anticipated release date for this e-bike is spring 2024. Customers can secure their bikes by reserving them on the official Lyric Cycles website.

3. How long can the Graffiti X e-bike’s battery last?

With its 70-mile road range and 40-mile off-road range, this bike is incredibly versatile. This impressive distance is achievable on just one battery charge.

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