Microsoft’s Copilot Emerges to Challenge ChatGPT in Bing Chat Revamp

At Microsoft Ignite 2023, a significant announcement took place, marking the evolution of Bing Chat into a more comprehensive entity named Copilot. This transformation extends beyond mere terminology adjustments. It signifies Microsoft’s commitment to providing a unified experience for both consumer and commercial users.

Microsoft Unveils Copilot: A New Era for AI-powered Chat

The decision to rebrand Bing Chat, especially the corporate-focused version (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise), as Copilot stems from Microsoft’s vision for a cohesive experience across diverse user bases. This strategic shift aims to eliminate any potential confusion and nurture a more seamless integration of Copilot into various Microsoft ecosystems.

While the rebranding aligns with Microsoft’s overarching vision, it may also be a response to Bing Chat’s performance. Market reports, such as the one from StatCounter in August, suggested that Bing Chat struggled to gain traction against its formidable competitor, Google.

Microsoft, however, contested these findings, emphasizing ongoing efforts to enhance Copilot’s utility.

Enhanced Data Protection:

Users logging into Bing with a Microsoft Entra ID will benefit from enhanced “commercial data protection” while utilizing this rebranded version. This marks a significant turning point in securing user data.

It guarantees that your information won’t be saved or employed for training AI models. This enhances user privacy, enhancing trust in the experience

The accessibility of this rebranded version has expanded, now seamlessly integrated into Windows,, and Bing. It is available across Microsoft’s enterprise subscription plans, including Microsoft 365 E, E5, Business Premium, and Business Standard, at no additional cost. 

Furthermore, starting December 1, Copilot will be included in Microsoft 365 F3 and available separately for other users at a nominal $5 per month.

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1. What prompted the rebranding of Bing Chat to Copilot?

The rebranding aims to create a unified experience for both consumer and commercial users, aligning with Microsoft’s vision for a cohesive AI-powered chat platform.

2. How does this renamed version enhance data protection for corporate users?

Users signing in with a Microsoft Entra ID will enjoy “commercial data protection” from December 1, ensuring that their data remains secure and is not utilized for training AI models.

3. What are the pricing and availability details for Copilot?

Copilot is available across various Microsoft enterprise subscription plans at no extra cost. For other users, it can be obtained separately for $5 per month, starting December 1.

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