Microsoft’s AI News is Raising Concerns About Accuracy and Reliability

In a recent CNN report, the pitfalls of Microsoft’s AI news aggregation model come to the forefront. The report highlights questionable editorial choices made by this AI system, emphasizing the need for human intervention and oversight in journalism.

What’s Wrong with Microsoft’s AI News

Microsoft’s AI news model, which powers MSN’s content, has been known for making questionable editorial choices. For instance, it has spotlighted stories that falsely claimed President Joe Biden dozed off during a moment of silence for Maui wildfire victims. 

Similarly, it presented an obituary referring to an NBA player as “useless,” a statement that was entirely baseless. These are issues that a human editorial team would have likely identified, but the AI system failed to do so.

Such cases raise questions about the reliability of Microsoft’s AI news aggregator, which seems more like a social experiment than a helpful tool. This is particularly concerning as it replaced human editorial efforts with algorithms a few years ago, leaving room for doubts about its efficiency and accuracy.

The instances of MSN’s AI model endorsing such stories can be compared to a travel guide created by Microsoft’s algorithm and later reviewed by a human. This guide suggested that Ottawa tourists grab a meal at a local food bank, clearly an impractical and nonsensical recommendation. 

Another example is an AI-generated poll that asked readers to vote on the cause of a young woman’s death. Such content fails to meet the standards of responsible news counseling and could be misleading to the audience.

This concern doesn’t apply exclusively to Microsoft. AI’s influence in journalism is on the rise across the industry. The BBC is actively experimenting with AI, and sites like Macworld use chatbots to search their archives. Also, The Associated Press has been employing AI through its “Automated Insights” for over eight years. While AI has its merits, it also brings a set of challenges, as evidenced by recent incidents.

In the past year, there have been glaring examples of error-riddled Star Wars stories and misleading financial advice dispersed by chatbots. These incidents emphasize why AI chatbots are ill-suited to be journalists, as their primary motivation often seems to revolve around SEO optimization rather than responsible journalism.

Microsoft Start and MSN are marketed as valuable resources for accessing credible news. However, their automated system continues to feature or generate content with inflammatory language and outright falsehoods. 

This situation prompts concerns regarding the quality and trustworthiness of the information being shared with readers. Further worries are raised by the lack of control that appears to have existed throughout the process. This can shake trust in the information.

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There are no negligent journalists to blame or editors with names and faces who can take responsibility for the content. It’s all attributed to the software simply executing its programmed tasks, leaving spokespeople to disregard errors and promise to prevent them in the future.

In conclusion, the rise of AI in news aggregation is a double-edged sword. While it offers efficiency and scale, it also poses significant challenges when it comes to ensuring accurate, responsible, and reliable news content. Microsoft’s AI news aggregator, like others in the industry, faces scrutiny due to questionable editorial choices, highlighting the need for a careful balance between automation and human oversight in the evolving world of journalism.

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