Meta Unveils AI Chatbots Played by Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner

A group of celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Osaka teamed up with Meta to unveil AI chatbots. And, Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement during the annual Connect conference. At this conference,  he threw light on the new AI offerings from Meta.

These chatbots will provide distinct interests and enable users to receive tailored advice. The main aim of these AI chatbots is to enhance interactivity and user enjoyment.

Release of AI Chatbots:

 Meta plans to launch over 28 of these AI chatbots in beta. And, the well-known figures will personify some of these AI chatbots. Snoop Dogg will play the role of the “Dungeon Master,”. He will guide users through adventure games. 

Dwyane Wade, the former basketball player, will play the role of “Victor,”. He will be an AI assisting users in their workouts. Osaka will assume the role of the anime-devotee AI named “Tamika”. While Jenner will play the character of “Billie,” a “big sis” and trusted companion.

The range of AI chatbots has been meticulously designed to solve varied user queries. For instance, a sous chef AI named “Max” will aid users in cooking up new recipes. 

Despite Meta’s ambitious plans, recent tests of the bot highlighted some initial problems. The Wall Street Journal reported some challenges. These issues included the chatbot’s noticed rudeness and difficulty in understanding its indicated personality.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, emphasized that this initiative extends beyond mere query responses. “it’s about providing entertainment”. He acknowledged the current limitations, referring to the lack of real-time information for the AI chatbots. However, he assured that this functionality will be included in the months ahead.

This strategic movement of Meta aims to captivate a younger audience. Further, it will grant them the opportunity to connect and engage with these AI chatbots. During the announcement, Zuckerberg emphasized that a great portion of the population has yet to fully experience AI. And, Meta is seeking to bridge this gap by integrating AI into widely used apps.

Some Other Chatbots:

Along with the celebrity AI chatbots, Meta also introduced “Meta AI” in collaboration with Microsoft and Bing Search. This AI serves as a primary assistant and allows users to interact with it in a human-like manner. 

Looking ahead, Meta plans to introduce an AI studio. Through this, Meta will empower both individuals and developers to craft their own AIs. This initiative primarily targets businesses as well as creators. Furthermore, Meta introduced “Emu” (Expressive Media Universe). It is an image generator that facilitates the rapid creation of images across Meta’s suite of apps. These apps include Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Snapchat had earlier ventured into the world of AI chatbots with the launch of “My AI,” commercializing OpenAI’s technology. Likewise, there have been rumors about TikTok testing an in-app AI chatbot. It will indicate the expanding horizons of AI integration across various social media platforms.

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