Mercedes C-Class EV Spotted in Testing Phase For the First Time

Experience the electric revolution with the Mercedes C-Class EV, arriving in 2025. Its design and dedicated MB.EA architecture is setting new standards in the EV landscape.

Mercedes is accelerating toward an all-electric future, committing to a fully electric lineup by 2030, “where market conditions allow.” In pursuit of this ambitious goal, the German automaker is diligently crafting more accessible electric vehicles (EVs). 

Among them, the Concept CLA-Class is set to transform into a zero-emission sedan in 2024, and hot on its heels is the eagerly anticipated electric C-Class.

The Electric Transformation of the Mercedes C-Class EV

Recently captured during testing, the electric C-Class maintained an air of mystery beneath its fully concealed attire. Despite the disguised production body, smart observers noted that the headlights, taillights, and projecting door handles are likely placeholders. It’s anticipated that the final design will boast flush handles, enhancing aerodynamics for extended-range capabilities.

While sharing a similar size with the electric CLA prototypes, the C-Class EV will ride on a distinct platform, the dedicated EV architecture known as MB.EA. This sets it apart from the CLA, which utilizes the MMA platform supporting both electric and combustion engines.

Even beneath the disguise, the C-Class EV showcases a more streamlined and sophisticated design compared to its larger counterparts, the EQE and EQS. 

Drawing inspiration from the Vision EQXX concept car, it hints at a sharper aesthetic and potentially incorporates advanced aerodynamic features. The interest lies in whether it will sport a conventional trunk lid or a practical tailgate similar to the BMW i4.

The Mercedes C-Class is set to enter the market amidst fierce competition, notably from Bavarian rival BMW. The Neue Klasse platform, debuting in 2025, will underpin a BMW i3 Sedan and the next-generation iX3, challenging Mercedes’ EQC crossover. 

However, rumors spin about Mercedes gradually phasing out the “EQ” branding from 2024, with the electric G-Class anticipated to lead this fresh classification.


Q1: When is the Mercedes C-Class Electric Sedan expected to be available for purchase?

A: While specific dates are yet to be confirmed, the C-Class EV is anticipated to hit the market in the coming years, following its debut in 2025.

Q2: How does the electric C-Class differ from the Concept CLA-Class in terms of the platform?

A: The electric C-Class will utilize the dedicated EV architecture (MB.EA), distinguishing it from the Concept CLA-Class, which relies on the MMA platform supporting both electric and combustion engines.

Q3: What unique design features distinguish the Mercedes C-Class from its rivals?

A: The C-Class EV boasts a sleeker and more refined design compared to its larger counterparts, with potential aerodynamic features inspired by the Vision EQXX concept car.

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