Unlocking Lucid Gravity: Pioneering a Yoke-Free Future in SUVs

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, Lucid Motors stands at the forefront with its latest innovation, the Lucid Gravity SUV. As the anticipated rival to Tesla’s offerings, Gravity distinguishes itself not only in performance but also in steering design

While Tesla’s controversial yoke has sparked debates among enthusiasts, Lucid Motors has opted for a different approach, prioritizing clear visibility and drivability.

Lucid’s Stand Against the Yoke

Lucid Motors, headquartered in California, contemplated integrating a yoke into the Gravity SUV, similar to Tesla’s unconventional steering wheel. However, Derek Jenkins revealed that after careful consideration, the company dismissed the idea as a compromise they were unwilling to make.

“We just felt it was a compromise we weren’t willing to make,” he said.

The Unveiling of Lucid Gravity

Unveiled at the prestigious Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the Lucid Gravity represents a futuristic three-row family SUV with an impressive projected range exceeding 440 miles. 

Priced under $80,000 and set to hit the market in late 2024, the Gravity marks Lucid Motors’ entry into the lucrative US SUV market.

The Squircle Steering Solution

After exploring approximately 30 steering-wheel shapes, Lucid settled on what Jenkins referred to as a “squircle.” This unique design provides drivers with an unobstructed view of the expansive 34-inch touchscreen situated just behind Gravity’s steering wheel. 

Unlike traditional setups, this addresses the common issue of a steering wheel obstructing the view of crucial displays.

“In most cars, like Lucid’s Air, the steering wheel blocks at least part of whatever display or gauges lie behind it.”

Addressing Yoke Concerns

While the yoke achieves clear visibility, Lucid Motors was unwilling to compromise drivability. Jenkins emphasized the importance of being able to look away from the wheel while driving, a functionality lacking in a yoke design.

The squircle steering wheel strikes a balance, providing a clear view while maintaining ease of use.

“If I want to back up and not look at the wheel, you can’t do that with a yoke. It just doesn’t work.”

Learning from Tesla’s Yoke Experience

Tesla’s foray into yoke steering has not been without challenges. Owners and reviewers have expressed concerns about the steep learning curve and limitations in operability, especially in parking lots and garages. 

Tesla’s decision to make the yoke a $1,000 option after initially introducing it as standard equipment hints at a reconsideration prompted by user feedback.

Lucid’s Squircular Advantage

The Gravity’s squircular steering wheel not only ensures a clear view but also enhances the driver’s ability to interact with the touchscreen. 

Eric Bach, Lucid’s Chief Engineer, emphasized the importance of comfort and accessibility, especially with the increasing trend of digital setups replacing analog gauges.

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1. Why did Lucid Motors choose a squircle steering wheel for the Gravity SUV?

Lucid Motors prioritized a design that balances clear visibility and drivability, addressing concerns associated with a yoke.

2. What distinguishes Lucid Gravity SUV from other electric vehicles in the market?

The Gravity SUV boasts a futuristic design, a projected range exceeding 440 miles, and a unique squircular steering wheel, setting it apart in the competitive electric SUV market.

3. How has Tesla responded to criticisms of its yoke steering wheel?

Tesla introduced the yoke as standard equipment but later made it an optional $1,000 feature, possibly in response to user complaints and usability issues.

In conclusion, Lucid Gravity’s steering innovation reflects a thoughtful approach, balancing futuristic design with practical functionality, steering clear of the controversies surrounding Tesla’s yoke.

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