Lotus Sets the Pace with Advanced Fast-Charging Technology

Lotus, a well-known name for creating powerful cars, has brought about a significant transformation in the world of electric vehicle charging. Their latest innovation involves the creation of fast chargers, developed in-house, which not only uphold their legacy but also redefine the benchmarks for speed and efficiency in electric vehicle charging.

Lotus Fast Chargers Unveiled:

In a significant reveal, Lotus showcased its proprietary fast-charging hardware, spearheaded by a liquid-cooled DC charger boasting an impressive 450 kW capability. Paired with a Lotus-engineered power cabinet and a robust 600-amp charging unit, this setup has the power to simultaneously charge up to four vehicles.

Lotus asserts that with this innovative system, the Eletre electric SUV can gain an astounding 88.5 miles of range in a mere five minutes at the formidable 450 kW. The charger achieves a remarkable 10-80% charge within just 20 minutes. Even with a 350-kW connector, the charger replenishes 74 miles of range in a swift five-minute session.

Already making waves in China, Lotus plans to extend the arrangement of this advanced charging hardware to Europe and the Middle East in the second quarter of 2024. Discussions regarding availability in additional markets are anticipated in the near future, showcasing Lotus’ commitment to global accessibility.

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Pioneering High Power Charging:

Lotus’s venture into charging capacities beyond 350 kW puts it in an exclusive league of automakers. Public charging stations and electric vehicles in the United States usually have a maximum power capacity of 350 kW. 

However, certain models, such as the Lucid Air, typically achieve approximately 300 kW, while the GMC Hummer EV fully utilizes the standard 350 kW charging capability.

The landscape of high-power charging is evolving, with hints from other automakers like Porsche and Mercedes planning for 400 kW capabilities. Additionally, Mercedes is part of a consortium envisioning a fast-charging network where 350 kW is considered a starting point, aiming to compete with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Lotus Fast-Charging Hardware in Europe:

These fast chargers mark a significant step in Europe, where such high-power hardware is still in its early stages. This decision is in harmony with the continuous progress of charging infrastructure. It reflects trends observed in China, where Xpeng, among other networks, hinted at the introduction of 480-kW fast chargers in 2021.


Q1: How fast can a 450 kW charger charge the Eletre electric SUV?

A: This automaker claims its 450 kW charger can add 88.5 miles of range to the Eletre electric SUV in just five minutes, accomplishing a 10-80% charge in 20 minutes.

Q2: Where is Lotus’s fast-charging hardware currently positioned?

A: As of now, Lotus’s fast-charging hardware is already operational in China, with plans for installations in Europe and the Middle East in the second quarter of 2024.

Q3: How does Lotus’s charging capability compare to other automakers?

A: Lotus stands out as one of the pioneers, surpassing the 350 kW threshold, a current maximum for most public charging stations and EVs in the U.S., putting it in an exclusive league of forward-thinking automakers.

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