Karma Automotive Set to Introduce New EV Series In 2024

In a strategic move to re-establish its brand identity, California-based Karma Automotive is set to roll out two innovative fully electric vehicles. These additions mark a significant step in this automotive’s commitment to revamp its portfolio and reclaim its position in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Karma Kaveya: The Flagship Electric Coupe

Karma’s flagship endeavor, the Kaveya, is not just an electric coupe; it’s a statement. With all-wheel drive, scissor doors, and a powerhouse boasting over 1,000 hp, the top version aims for a staggering top speed exceeding 180 mph

While enthusiasts eagerly await its 2026 debut, Karma tantalizes with a full gallery showcasing the model’s concept form.

Karma Kaveya: The Flagship Electric Coupe
Karma Kaveya: The Flagship Electric Coupe

Gyesera: A Stylish Electric Sedan

Adding to the excitement, Karma teases the Gyesera, a fully electric sedan anticipated to hit the market in Q4 2024. This rear-wheel-drive marvel spans approximately 200 inches, placing it slightly longer than notable competitors like the Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, or Mercedes-Benz EQS. 

Gyesera: A Stylish Electric Sedan
Gyesera: A Stylish Electric Sedan

The Gyesera is set to rest on an aluminum space frame, featuring a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum body panels.

Karma’s Design Philosophy Shift

Michelle Christensen, the global design chief at Karma, sheds light on the company’s shift in focus. The new strategy centers on crafting “low, long, and fast vehicles” reminiscent of high-end European brands. 

Christensen, renowned for leading the 2017 remake of the Acura NSX hybrid supercar, underscores this electric vehicle’s commitment to a design philosophy aligned with its original approach.

The journey of this automotive began almost a decade ago with the acquisition of the remnants of Fisker Automotive. Despite fits and starts, the company aimed to establish itself as a US-based EV brand. 

The trajectory included the renewal of the Fisker Karma into the Revero, a luxury SUV, and a teased Vision concept coupe showcased at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show as the SC2.

The pivotal year 2020 witnessed Karma’s bold claims of a 400-mile Revero EV, later named the GTE. Subsequent announcements included plans for a hydrogen fuel-cell car and the development of a GX SUV set for a full reveal in 2022. 

Karma’s commitment extended to the revelation of two distinct platforms, one designed for an all-electric pickup and SUV and the other based on the EREV technology for electrifying commercial trucks.

Efficiency Improvements and Future Prospects

Historically, this automotive faced efficiency challenges, notably highlighted in a 2012 Fisker Karma review. However, recent reviews, such as the 2021 Karma GS-6, showcase remarkable progress. The GS-6 surpassed its 61-mile EPA electric range rating, thanks to a significant enhancement in the BMW 1.5-liter turbo-3 engine.

Karma, acknowledged as a low-volume brand, delivered 162 vehicles in 2021 and 114 in 2022. Despite its modest output, the company rebranded the GS-6, seemingly resurrecting the Revero name. Queries regarding this terminology shift and the fate of Karma’s series-hybrid system remain unanswered, prompting speculation about the brand’s future direction.

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1. When will the flagship electric coupe, Kaveya, be available for purchase?

The Kaveya is slated for release in 2026, showcasing an impressive design with scissor doors, all-wheel drive, and over 1,000 hp.

2. What sets Gyesera apart from other electric sedans in the market?

The Gyesera distinguishes itself with its rear-wheel-drive configuration, a length of about 200 inches, and construction on an aluminum space frame with carbon fiber and aluminum body panels.

3. How has this automotive addressed its historical efficiency challenges in recent models?

Recent reviews, including the 2021 Karma GS-6, indicate a substantial improvement in efficiency, surpassing the EPA electric range rating and showcasing advancements in engine technology.

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