Joe Biden’s Concerns About Artificial Intelligence Increase After ‘Mission: Impossible’

President Joe Biden recently took a substantial step in tackling the challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence. He signed an executive order to set forth fresh standards and enhanced security measures. This executive order signifies a noteworthy development in addressing AI-related concerns.

Joe Biden’s Deep Concerns About Artificial Intelligence

President Biden’s commitment to AI security was underscored by Deputy White House Chief of Staff Bruce Reed. Reed emphasized that AI had become a matter of great importance to the president after he was both impressed and alarmed by the potential misuse of AI technology.

This awakening came when he encountered “fake artificial intelligence images of himself” and discovered the “terrifying technology of voice cloning.” Biden’s concerns deepened further after he watched “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” at Camp David with Reed. In this story, the Entity—a dangerous and sensitive AI—is the central character.

Concerns and Curiosity

According to Reed, “If he hadn’t already been concerned about what could go wrong with AI before that movie, he saw plenty more to worry about.” The movie features Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, battling the Entity, a nonhuman AI villain responsible for hijacking and sinking a submarine, resulting in the loss of its entire crew.

In the months before the executive order, President Biden held multiple meetings with scientists. They discussed the advantages and risks of AI. The President displayed profound curiosity about AI technology, demonstrating his commitment to understanding its distinctions and implications fully.

Executive Order Implementation

The executive order outlines a set of action items that will be executed within the next 90 to 365 days. The first and foremost priority lies in addressing safety and security concerns surrounding AI systems.

The White House has stated that this executive order encompasses the “most sweeping actions ever taken to protect Americans from the potential risks of AI systems.” This process involves crafting guidelines, creating tools, and conducting assessments, all aimed at guaranteeing the security of artificial intelligence systems.

AI developers must share the outcomes of their safety tests and essential data with the U.S. government. This will boost transparency and responsibility in the development field of AI. Sharing these details with the U.S. government is mandatory for AI developers. It aims to ensure transparency and accountability in the AI development community.

Additionally, the executive order calls for the establishment of guidance for “content authentication and watermarking” to clearly label artificial content. This measure aims to safeguard individuals from falling victim to AI-driven fraud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What prompted President Biden’s concern about ArtificiaI Intelligence?

President Biden’s concern about AI was prompted by his exposure to “fake AI images of himself” and his discovery of the technology of voice cloning, as well as his viewing of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” which showcased the potential dangers of AI.

2. What are the primary objectives of the executive order on AI standards?

The executive order regarding AI standards concentrates on safeguarding artificial intelligence systems. It mandates that AI developers must share their safety test results and vital information with the U.S. government. Additionally, the order outlines guidelines for labeling AI-generated content, designed to hinder fake activities.

3. When will the executive order’s action items be implemented?

The action items outlined in the executive order will be carried out over a span of 90 to 365 days, with a primary emphasis on addressing safety and security concerns.


President Biden’s executive order on AI standards reflects the administration’s commitment to safeguarding the United States from the potential threats and misuse of artificial intelligence. By fostering transparency, accountability, and safety in AI development, this order marks a significant milestone in the country’s approach to this rapidly advancing technology.

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