Is Ferrari Pioneering In-Wheel Motors For High-Performance EVs?

A recent revelation in a Ferrari patent application showcases the automaker’s ambition to incorporate groundbreaking in-wheel motors into their future performance road cars.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) unveiled this innovative filing on Nov. 2, 2023, shedding light on Ferrari’s endeavor to seamlessly integrate motors alongside friction brakes within a car’s wheel assembly.

Ferrari’s Vision Unveiled Through In-Wheel Motors

Ferrari is at the forefront of technological advancement, developing axial-flux motors. Interestingly, the patent application delves into a more conventional type of motor—specifically, the radial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous kind.

According to the details outlined, the stator becomes an integral part of the wheel hub, while the rotor intricately attaches to the wheel rim. The design incorporates the brake disc into the assembly, strategically placing the disc and rotor with precision through a spacer.

Simplifying Design: Ferrari’s Unique Approach

Ferrari contends that their inventive design is not only revolutionary but also cost-effective. By consolidating components, the design minimizes both the cost and complexity associated with in-wheel motors. 

Addressing concerns about added unsprung weight, Ferrari emphasizes their prowess in suspension design and tuning. Notably, the application highlights the deployment of electromagnetic sensors, offering a level of precise control over power flow that could set Ferrari apart in the automotive landscape.

Beyond Ferrari’s Boundaries

Ferrari’s exploration into in-wheel motor technology aligns with a broader industry trend. McLaren, in collaboration with Elaphe in-wheel tech, is developing an “in-wheel propulsion system” aimed at creating hyper-responsive electric vehicles. This move signifies a paradigm shift in the performance of the car sector towards embracing in-wheel motor technology.

Beyond the performance realm, other players have ventured into in-wheel motors. Lightyear claimed efficiency records with Elaphe in-wheel motors, though their Lightyear 0 EV didn’t reach production. 

Lordstown Motors utilized Elaphe’s technology in their Endurance electric pickup truck, though facing challenges with bankruptcy. Aptera, another Elaphe customer, anticipates production readiness for their three-wheeler without providing a concrete timeline.

Dongfeng’s Milestone

Adding to the global narrative, Dongfeng, a Chinese automaker, asserted a groundbreaking achievement earlier this year. They claimed to introduce the world’s first regular production passenger car featuring in-wheel motors, sourced from supplier Protean. Notably, the Dongfeng Fengshen E70 utilizes in-wheel motors exclusively for its rear wheels, while a conventional inboard motor powers the front axle.

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Q1: How do in-wheel motors contribute to Ferrari’s vision of cost reduction?

Ferrari’s in-wheel motor design consolidates components, reducing both cost and complexity.

Q2: How does Ferrari address concerns related to the added unsprung weight of in-wheel motors?

Ferrari relies on expertise in suspension design and tuning to mitigate issues arising from the increased unsprung weight.

Q3: Are other automakers following Ferrari’s lead in adopting in-wheel motors?

Yes, McLaren and Dongfeng, among others, are exploring and implementing in-wheel motor technology in their vehicles.

By embracing in-wheel motors, Ferrari and other automotive innovators are shaping the future of road cars, heralding a new era of efficiency and performance.

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