iOS 17.0.3 Update Resolves iPhone 15 Overheating Issue

Apple took swift action to address the iPhone 15 overheating issue, releasing iOS 17.0.3. This update specifically solves the problem that caused Apple’s latest iPhone 15 models to run hot. The change log for the software emphasizes its significance, stating that it provides essential bug fixes, and security updates, and crucially, addresses the overheating issue.

Various reports were circulating on social media over the weekend. They confirmed the iPhone’s propensity to become warm. Apple acknowledged this concern. Also, it attributes the problem to a combination of improperly configured apps, bugs within iOS, and an anticipated setup phase. This phase involves additional processing, resulting in increased heat generation.

With the release of the update on Wednesday, the identified issues within iOS, the iPhone’s operating system, are effectively tackled. Concurrently, app developers are working diligently to release updates for their apps. They aim to resolve the iPhone 15 overheating issue as soon as possible.

iPhone 15 Overheating Issue Fixed in Latest iOS 17.0.3 Update by Apple

Apple clarified that the overheating problem was independent of the new titanium and aluminum frame design featured in the higher-end Pro models. Additionally, they stated that it was not linked to the USB-C charging port integrated into the new phones.

On Apple’s official website, it is noted that all iPhone 15 models might experience a sensation of warmth during certain activities. This includes instances such as restoring from a backup, wireless charging, using graphics-intensive applications or games, or streaming high-quality videos.

Apple reassures users that iPhones remain safe to use unless they display a specific temperature warning. Further, it highlights their commitment to ensuring a positive user experience. So, we can expect that the iPhone 15 overheating issue will be solved out soon.

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