New iOS Features: Apple’s 2024 Roadmap Reveals 8 Innovations

As we step into 2024, Apple enthusiasts are buzzing about the upcoming iOS features. Here is a summary of the new iOS features that can be anticipated in 2024: roadside assistance via satellite outside of the United States, cooperative Apple Music playlists, AirPlay on hotel TVs, app sideloading in the European Union, next-generation CarPlay, RCS support in the Messages app, and generative AI for Siri.

Apple Will Release 8 New iOS Features in 2024:

Stolen Device Protection:

One of the exciting additions to the new iOS features is the Stolen Device Protection, designed to tackle the rising issue of iPhone thefts. According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, thieves have been targeting iPhone users in public spaces, spying on passcodes before making away with the device. To counter this, Apple introduces Stolen Device Protection, an opt-in feature available for all iOS 17-compatible iPhones.

This security measure requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication for various critical actions. These include accessing iCloud Keychain passwords, applying for an Apple Card, turning off Lost Mode, erasing content, and more.

For heightened security, certain actions trigger a one-hour delay, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. With the introduction of iOS 17.3, Apple intends to reveal additional information.

AirPlay on Hotel Room TVs:

Airplay is one of the best iOS features arriving in 2024. The fascinating AirPlay capability for TVs in hotel rooms is a delayed inclusion from iOS 17.2. By scanning a QR code, iPhone users can easily connect to TVs in hotel rooms and stream music, films, and images wirelessly.

Apple’s dedication to delivering an intuitive user experience is reflected in this innovation, of which IHG Hotels & Resorts is expected to be among the early users.

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists:

iOS 17.3 brings music lovers a treat with Collaborative Playlists on Apple Music. Initially expected in iOS 17.2, this feature allows multiple subscribers to contribute, rearrange, and remove songs in a shared playlist.

Users can also express their feelings about songs using animated emoji reactions. Apple confirms the return of this feature in 2024, enhancing the social aspect of music enjoyment.

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RCS Support:

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 is set to embrace RCS support in the Messages app, aiming for a more dynamic messaging experience. With higher-resolution photos and videos, audio messages, typing indicators, and improved group chats, iOS users can expect enhanced cross-platform communication.

This feature is set to bridge the gap between iPhone and Android users, bringing iOS messaging on par with popular third-party apps.

App Sideloading in EU:

To comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, iOS 17 is expected to introduce app sideloading. This allows users in EU countries to install apps outside the Apple App Store, offering more digital freedom.

According to reliable sources, this change is likely to roll out in the first half of 2024, opening new possibilities for iPhone users in Europe.

Next-Generation CarPlay:

Late 2023 saw the promise fulfilled as Aston Martin and Porsche provided a glimpse of the next-generation CarPlay system. Expected in 2024, this immersive experience integrates deeply with the instrument cluster and climate controls.

Tailored to each vehicle model, it supports multiple displays and includes a dedicated FM radio app, widgets, and more. Apple’s commitment to a seamless in-car experience extends to various automakers, enhancing the driving journey for users.

Roadside Assistance through Satellite Outside the United States

Introduced with iOS 17, this feature offers iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users in the U.S. the ability to seek roadside assistance via satellite when outside cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. As this service begins “beginning” in the U.S., it’s anticipated to expand to additional countries in 2024, ensuring users have a lifeline even in remote locations.

Smarter Siri with Generative AI:

According to Mark Gurman, iOS 18 will introduce generative AI technology to Siri, improving the Messages app’s auto-completion and inquiry handling. Apple is investigating massive language models to automate difficult processes and provide a smooth user experience by integrating with the Shortcuts app.

This functionality, which is anticipated in the upcoming iOS version, fits perfectly with the industry trend of using generative AI, as demonstrated by the introduction of chatbots such as ChatGPT.

Anticipation builds among Apple fans as the year progresses, looking forward to groundbreaking iOS features that pledge a safer, more collaborative, and smarter iOS encounter. Keep an eye out for more details as the spotlight turns to iOS 17.3 and iOS 18 in the upcoming year of 2024.

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