iOS 17 And iPadOS 17 Release Date Announced | Complete Details Provided

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 are the most recent updates to Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating systems, and they are able to be downloaded from September 18. This is going to make a huge impact on the functionality of the iPhone and iPad models. However, these changes were first revealed at the WWDC conference earlier this year along with MacOS 10, WatchOS 10, and tvOS 17.

If we talk about the beta users and Apple developers, they already have access to the iOS 17 Release Candidate. This gives them an early version of the operating system before it becomes generally available on September 18.

Following the release of new iPhone models, Apple tends to release software updates. On September 12, the users had access to iOS 16. IOS 15 was updated on September 20. Now, get prepared for the latest iOS versions.

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What new functions does iOS 17 offer?

iOS 17 is going to provide a lot of features and functions. These features are given below:

Standby Option:

The StandBy option is one of the most noteworthy features of iOS 17. It transforms the iPhone into an information hub. By using this option, users can view fully customizable information on the locked screen while the device is charging.

This covers several things like the clock, the live activities that are currently taking place, incoming notifications, and a number of widgets.

Please be aware that this functionality only works when your Apple iPhone is being charged. Other mobile phones cannot use this capability.

New Widgets:

Another good feature of iOS 17 is New Widgets. iOS 17 provides engaging lock screen and home screen widgets. These new widgets assist both first-party and third-party apps. So, users can now have easy access to essential information. Also, they can take action without having to start the app.


The NameDrop feature is another interesting creation. This makes use of AirDrop to enable the sharing of contact information between two iPhones. Users now find it more user-friendly and simple to share their information with others.

Messages and Phone App Update:

In iOS 17, Apple is also going to upgrade the messaging and FaceTime applications. Let’s talk about this App update in detail.

The Phone app in iOS 17 contains a customizable Contact Poster. This poster lets users select what their contacts view when they call them. In some particular areas or regions, features such as live voicemail and unknown caller mute will also be made available. So, users are going to see the best updates in their Messages and Phone apps.

FaceTime App Update:

In case someone misses a call, iPhone users using iOS 17 can record and send an audio/video message. Moreover, during a FaceTime call, users can include 3D effects in their video which is the most demanding thing these days. On Apple TV, users can also directly begin a FaceTime call.

Significant enhancements to AirPlay, Apple Music, dictation, autocorrect, AirDrop, NameDrop, privacy settings, AirPlay, and Safari browsing are all also included in the update.

So, we can say, overall, these updates add a variety of additional functions and enhancements to Apple devices. Further, they improve both their functionality and ease of use. So, don’t forget to update your devices when they are finally available.

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