OpenAI Explores In-House Production of AI Chips for ChatGPT in 2023

OpenAI, the renowned entity responsible for the AI chatbot ChatGPT, is actively exploring the prospect of creating AI chips internally due to the global lack of expensive and intricate hardware components.

As per a report by Reuters on October 5, OpenAI has conducted evaluations regarding a potential acquisition of an undisclosed company to further its AI chip-manufacturing aspirations.

But no final choice has yet been made about the purchase of this property. OpenAI is carefully considering various alternatives to solve the ongoing chip deficiency.

In addition to internal AI chips, the choices encompass forging a stronger collaboration with their current primary chip supplier, NVIDIA. Further, it will broaden its chip supplier base beyond its existing providers.

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OpenAI Examines In-House Production of AI Chips for ChatGPT

Earlier this year, Sam Altman voiced his frustration to a gathering of AI developers about the chip shortages stopping the company’s advancements. He is the founder and CEO of OpenAI. Raza Habib is the CEO of AI firm Humanloop.He registered this in a now-deleted blog post.

Raza Habib mentioned that a recurring theme during the discussion was OpenAI’s struggle with GPU limitations. This is substantially delaying their immediate objectives.

If OpenAI follows through on its claimed plan to manufacture AI chips internally, it will join tech sector giants like Google and Amazon in doing so.

The demand for specialized AI chips has increased tremendously since the public launch of ChatGPT in November last year.

This heightened demand has led to a notable rise in NVIDIA’s share price. Further, it gave the rush among companies aspiring to integrate expensive computing hardware for their AI applications.

So, finally, we can say that OpenAI is examining the production of AI chips in-house.

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