iMessage Invasion: Nothing Aims to Transfer Blue Bubbles to Android

Nothing Phone 2 users are in for a treat as the company announces the inclusion of iMessage through its innovative “Nothing Chats” app, powered by the Sunbird messaging platform. 

This groundbreaking feature, making waves in the tech world, is gearing up for release in North America, the EU, and additional European countries. Mark your calendars because the rollout is scheduled to commence this Friday, November 17th.

Nothing is enabling its Android phone to use iMessage

In its commitment to bridging the gap caused by messaging service divisions, Nothing emphasizes the need to trust Sunbird. According to Nothing’s FAQ, Sunbird’s architecture ensures message delivery without any storage during its journey, highlighting a commitment to user privacy.

Marques Brownlee’s preview of Nothing Chats reveals a familiar process, reminiscent of previous iMessage-to-Android bridge services. The system involves signing in on a Mac Mini within a server farm and managing all routing processes for a seamless user experience.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Nothing’s US head of PR, Jane Nho, assures users that Sunbird stores iCloud credentials securely in an encrypted database, associated with location-specific Mac Minis. After two weeks of inactivity, Sunbird takes the additional step of deleting account information, though users are urged to remain cautious and review Sunbird’s privacy policy.

The Washington Post’s trial of Nothing Chats indicates a generally positive user experience. While the functionality works “for the most part,” some iMessage features such as message editing and fully operational Tapback reactions are still in development. 

The Post also notes occasional challenges in group messaging, requiring multiple attempts to ensure message delivery.

Compatibility and Future Features

Group iMessage predictably requires all participants to be on it, but Nothing Chats supports SMS, ensuring continued functionality for group SMS messaging. Users can expect real-time typing indicators and the ability to share uncompressed media, with plans for the integration of read receipts and message reactions in the future.

Access to Sunbird typically involves joining a waitlist, but for the next few months, Sunbird CEO, Danny Mizrahi, reveals that the exclusive entry point is through owning a Nothing Phone 2. Similar services like Beeper also boast substantial waitlists, indicating the high demand for iMessage integration on non-Apple devices.

Anticipating Challenges

It’s worth noting that Nothing strategically delays the debut of this feature until Friday, potentially allowing Apple time to respond through legal or technical means. CEO Carl Pei acknowledges that while the app may not “change the world,” it aims to “start a conversation.” Concurrently, the EU is investigating whether iMessage should be recognized as an Apple core platform service.

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Q1: How does Sunbird handle user privacy?

A1: Sunbird’s architecture ensures messages are delivered without storage, and user credentials are stored securely in an encrypted database, associated with location-specific Mac Minis.

Q2: What features of iMessage are available through Nothing Chats?

A2: While Nothing Chats offers a seamless iMessage experience, features such as message editing and fully operational Tapback reactions are still under development.

Q3: How can users access Sunbird?

A3: While Sunbird typically requires joining a waitlist, for the next few months, the exclusive entry point is owning a Nothing Phone 2.

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