Humane’s Revolutionary AI Pin: 4 Alternatives to Your Smartphone

The eagerly awaited Humane Ai Pin, which offers a revolutionary substitute for conventional smartphones, has finally arrived. Developed by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, this screenless AI wearable has been shrouded in secrecy until now. 

It has generated immense excitement as the next evolution in computing. While it remains to be seen whether Ai Pin will attain the iconic status of the iPhone, its remarkable features make a compelling case for a screenless future. 

Ai Pin: Projecting onto Your Palm

In a world dominated by smartphones, Ai Pin stands out as a unique concept. Rather than gazing at a conventional screen, you can engage with your surroundings. It utilizes an updated “laser ink display” to display images on your hand’s surface.

Much like the Apple Watch’s easy double-tap feature, this artificial intelligence pin enables you to manage actions effortlessly. You can simply tap your index finger and thumb together to pause or play music. Tilting your hand forward, back, or down triggers distinct functions, introducing a new era of hands-free interaction.

Ai Mic: Embracing Voice Commands

Due to its lack of a screen, Ai Pin primarily relies on voice interaction. Humane integrates OpenAI’s model to facilitate voice commands, introducing Ai Mic as the central communication method. 

Imagine using ChatGPT, but with all your apps and accounts seamlessly linked to Ai Pin. You can effortlessly search for a reservation code in your inbox or dictate messages to contacts. Furthermore, “Catch Me Up” strains through your emails to provide context for essential updates, such as dinner plans discussed in an email chain.

Real-Time Nutrition and Language Translation

Ai Pin’s capabilities extend beyond standard voice interaction. In a promotional video, a user commercializes this pin’s computer vision to assess the sugar content of a Dragon Fruit, aligning with her dietary goals. 

The device can also gauge the protein content of a handful of almonds, though its accuracy may vary. Humane initially positions this feature as a nutrition tool, with plans to expand its applications in the future.

Another impressive attribute of this Humane pin is its real-time language translation. With a simple command, the device recognizes spoken language and provides instant translations, fostering seamless communication.

A Secure and Private Companion

One of the primary concerns with AI devices is privacy. Unlike Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, this pin doesn’t employ a passive listening mechanism, eliminating the need for a wake word. It activates only when manually prompted by the device owner. 

To address potential oversight issues, it incorporates a “prominent Trust Light” that illuminates when the device is active, ensuring transparency.

To further safeguard your privacy, Ai Pin employs a “personal speaker” that generates a “bubble of sound”. It guarantees that conversations between you and the device remain confidential.


The introduction of Humane’s AI Pin marks a significant milestone in the evolution of wearable technology. Ai Pin is a strong contender as a replacement for conventional smartphones thanks to its screenless design, voice command functionality, real-time translation, and privacy focus. As we look ahead, the future of computing may indeed be screenless, with this pin leading the way. 

This artificial intelligence pin, which starts at $699 and comes with a $24 monthly cellular contract through T-Mobile, is poised to completely change the way we use technology. You can pre-order it on November 16 and shipments are expected to start in early 2024.

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1. How does Ai Pin’s projection technology work?

Ai Pin utilizes a “laser ink display” to project visuals onto your palm, allowing for hands-free interaction. Gestures like tapping your index finger and thumb prompt various functions.

2. Can Ai Pin handle real-time language translation effectively?

Yes, this pin excels in real-time language translation, recognizing spoken language and providing instant translations to facilitate seamless communication.

3. How does Ai Pin prioritize privacy and security?

Ai Pin takes privacy seriously. It only activates when manually prompted by the device owner and features a “prominent Trust Light” to signal when it’s in use. Additionally, the device employs a “personal speaker” to ensure private conversations.

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