Humane Reduces 4% of Its Staff Before Releasing the AI Pin

Humane, a startup renowned for its advanced AI-powered gadgets, just experienced a strategic reorganization that led to a 4% reduction in staff. This action, which is being presented as a way to reduce expenses, follows the leadership’s declaration of budget reductions for the current year. 

Despite the company’s careful unveiling of its groundbreaking $699 AI Pin, the subsequent layoffs have stirred speculation about the startup’s track.

The Restructuring Move of Humane:

To streamline operations and optimize resources, Humane decided to part ways with 10 employees. The company’s leadership, including CEO Bethany Bongiorno and her husband Imran Chaudhri, emphasized the need for these changes in light of evolving market dynamics and the impending launch of their flagship device.

Established in 2019 by Bongiorno and Chaudhri, both Apple alumni, this company has secured significant financial backing, exceeding $200 million from prominent Silicon Valley figures, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The startup’s ambitious chance into the tech market reached a milestone with the unveiling of the AI Pin in November, attracting attention and preorders worldwide.

Upon inquiry, CEO Bongiorno responded to the restructuring, framing it as “part of a wider refresh of our organizational structure.” She acknowledged the transition of founding CTO Patrick Gates to an advisory role, citing a focus on family. Bongiorno affirmed the company’s commitment to growth, promoting new heads in hardware, software, and people, signaling a redefined strategy for the next phase.

Despite Bongiorno’s reassurances, sources revealed that affected employees were informed of the changes both verbally and in writing, contradicting the CEO’s claim that the reductions were not communicated as layoffs. Bongiorno, however, stressed the company’s responsibility to adapt proactively to ensure the right roles, people, and structure at every point.

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1. How will the restructuring impact the launch of the AI Pin?

The restructuring is part of a broader strategy to optimize resources for a successful AI Pin launch, ensuring a streamlined process and organizational efficiency.

2. When can we expect the shipments of the AI Pin to begin?

Shipment of the AI Pin is scheduled to begin in March, following the acceptance of preorders after the device’s unveiling in November.

3. How does Humane plan to navigate the evolving market dynamics?

This company aims to adapt proactively to market changes through strategic restructuring, promoting the right talent, and ensuring an optimal organizational structure for sustained growth.

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