Honda E Sales Pause Preceding Next-Gen Electric Vehicle Launch

The European market for the Honda E retro EV is experiencing a significant shift, with sales grinding to a halt due to sluggish demand, as reported by Automotive News Europe. 

Initially unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Honda E made waves as the pioneer of a new era in compact electric vehicles (EVs), praised for its charming exterior and futuristic dashboard adorned with multiple screens.

Honda E: Shifting Gears in the EV Market

Despite its promising debut, the Honda E faced challenges in meeting its sales targets. With an initial aim of 10,000 annual sales in Europe following the commencement of deliveries in 2020, the actual figures tell a different story. In 2021, only 3,436 units found buyers, and in 2022, the number further dwindled to 2,110.

This downturn may be attributed to the relatively high base price, starting at 33,850 euros in Germany, equivalent to $36,428. The subsequent increase to almost 40,000 euros in 2023, after discontinuing the cheapest version, likely contributed to the sales struggle.

Range and Price Impact:

One factor stopping the Honda E’s success could be its limited range of 138 miles, powered by a 37.5-kwh battery pack. In a market increasingly focused on extended-distance capabilities, this may have frustrated potential buyers. The initial pricing strategy and subsequent adjustments may have also played a role in the vehicle’s underperformance.

In response to the challenges faced by the Honda E in Europe, the company has redirected its focus. Honda is currently promoting the e:Ny1 crossover, drawing on its successes in the Chinese market. Simultaneously, plans for the U.S. market include the 2024 launch of the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX crossovers, developed in collaboration with General Motors.

Honda’s long-term strategy involves introducing an in-house EV platform, set to launch in 2025, signaling a deliberate move away from traditional internal combustion engines.

A New Generation of EVs

The decision to halt European sales of the Honda E may be viewed as a strategic guide to pave the way for the forthcoming generation of EVs. Honda is set to make a global EV debut at CES next month, as hinted in a teaser photo. 

The company’s commitment to innovation extends to the development of a dedicated EV platform, which holds the potential to accommodate advanced solid-state batteries.

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1. Why did Honda discontinue sales of the Honda E in Europe?

Honda decided to halt European sales of the Honda E due to sluggish demand and challenges in meeting the projected sales targets.

2. What factors contributed to the Honda E’s underperformance in the European market?

The Honda E faced challenges in Europe, including a higher-than-expected base price, limited range (138 miles), and adjustments to pricing strategies.

3: What alternatives is Honda offering in Europe?

Honda has introduced the e:Ny1 crossover as an alternative in the European market, derived from the company’s initiatives in China.

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