Google’s Gemini Pro is Now Available inside the Bard Chatbot

Unlock the future of artificial intelligence with Google’s Gemini Pro available in Bard Chatbot—free for Pixel 8 Pro users, accessible through a Google account.

Google’s Gemini Pro Is Now Accessible through the Bard Chatbot

The Gemini Pro model is accessible within the Bard chatbot and is currently compatible with Pixel 8 Pro for AI-suggested text replies on WhatsApp, with future integration into Gboard.

However, it’s essential to note that only a fraction of Gemini’s potential is currently available, with forthcoming releases promising multimodal capabilities, enabling the chatbot to process diverse inputs and generate varied outputs.

While Gemini operates solely in English at present, Google plans to expand its language support soon. Notably, Gemini is not currently available in the European Union, reflecting the evolving landscape of AI accessibility.

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Cost and Subscription Details

Contrary to its premium-sounding name, accessing Gemini Pro within Bard is free. Comparable to ChatGPT, where older AI models are accessible at no cost, users pay monthly for the latest model, GPT-4. Details regarding Gemini’s plans, including the speculated Gemini Ultra set for 2024, remain limited.

The potential inclusion of an upgraded chatbot named Bard Advanced adds an extra layer of anticipation. While no subscription plan for Gemini Ultra has been disclosed, a ChatGPT Plus subscription with GPT-4 is priced at $20 per month.

How to Access Google’s Gemini Pro?

A Google account is mandatory for those eager to try Gemini Pro. Accessing Gemini within Bard is straightforward – visit the website, log in, and experience the potential of this AI model. 

It’s worth noting that Google mandates account creation for Bard access, and users with Google Workspace accounts may need to switch to their email accounts to explore Gemini.


1. Is Gemini Pro accessible without a Google account?

No, a Google account is necessary to access this Gemini AI within the Bard chatbot.

2. What languages does Gemini support?

Currently, Gemini operates exclusively in English, but Google plans to introduce support for additional languages in the future.

3. Is there a cost associated with using Gemini AI in Bard?

No, the Gemini AI update for Bard is currently free to use, offering users a cost-free exploration of its capabilities.


As users embark on their journey experimenting with Gemini AI in Google Bard, it’s essential to acknowledge the ongoing experimental nature of this technology. Glitches may occur, but the potential for integration with other Google services adds an exciting layer to the experience. As we eagerly await the speculated Gemini Ultra, users can commercialize the existing Gemini Pro model to glimpse the future of AI advancements. 

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