Google Play System Update on Galaxy Phones Faces Delays

According to a recent report, many Galaxy phones—from flagship to budget models—are not getting the necessary Google Play system update on time.

These updates play a pivotal role in enhancing features across various Google products, ranging from minor improvements to significant advancements.

Galaxy Phones Encounter Delayed Google Play System Update

High-end models like the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, alongside the mid-range Galaxy A33, last received a Play system update on July 1st, 2023. This delay becomes even more noticeable as Samsung actively rolls out the One UI 6.0 – Android 14 update to various eligible Galaxy devices.

Checking Your Device’s Status

To ascertain when your Galaxy phone received its last Google Play system update, navigate to Settings > Security & privacy > Updates > Google Play system update. Sadly, Google hasn’t even released an update for some older models—like the Galaxy S20 series—since May 1.

Certain models offer the option to update to a more recent version manually. For instance, the Galaxy Club successfully loaded the November 1 Google Play system update on a Galaxy A52 unit. 

However, disparities exist, with a Galaxy A53 having the September 1 update, a Galaxy A34 sporting the August 1 Google Play system update, and a Galaxy S22 and S21 featuring the October 1 version.

Identifying the Root Cause

The presence of varying Google system update versions across different Galaxy phones strongly suggests an underlying bug in the update distribution system. Remarkably, a similar situation occurred a year ago, where the updates spontaneously resumed, similar to Samsung remembering a crucial task it momentarily forgot.

This recurrent pattern raises questions about Samsung’s vigilance in addressing these issues without delay. Particularly alarming is the revelation that some higher-end phones are operating with Play system updates that are five months old.

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1. Why are Google Play system updates crucial for Galaxy phones?

Google Play system updates are vital for improving features on various Google products, ensuring enhanced performance, security, and compatibility.

2. How can I manually update my Galaxy phone’s Google Play system?

Navigate to Settings > Security & privacy > Updates > Google Play system update to check for the latest version. Some models permit manual updates by following specific procedures.

3. Is the delayed Google Play system update a common issue?

The recurrence of delayed updates, as highlighted in the report, suggests a potential systemic issue. However, historical data indicates that these delays resolve spontaneously over time.

In conclusion, addressing the delays in the Google Play system update is imperative for Samsung to uphold the performance and security standards expected by Galaxy phone users.

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