Supercharge Your Google Pixel Watch: Firmware Update Slows Recharge by Half

The inaugural release of the Google Pixel Watch presently requires a notably extended duration for a complete recharge compared to its initial launch. According to Google, this specific aspect of recharging time has undergone a complete re-examination after a firmware update. Consequently, the Pixel Watch 2 displays a markedly rapid recharging pace in comparison to its forerunner.

Google has now modified the specifications of the Pixel Watch. A comprehensive recharge now stands officially clocked at 2.5 hours, or precisely 150 minutes. It almost doubles the previous duration. Advancing from 0 to 50 percent now entails 45 minutes instead of the prior 30 minutes.

Furthermore, to reach 80 percent charge, the Google Pixel Watch now requires remaining on the charger for 75 minutes. It’s an extension of 20 minutes from the prior measure.

Google Pixel Watch Slows Recharge By Half

The manufacturer of the Pixel Watch has clarified that the adjustment in recharging time followed a firmware update. He intended to align these new specifications more suitably with the average user’s expectations.

After the original Google Pixel Watch of the initial generation showcased a complete recharge within just 68 minutes during our in-depth review, Google’s initial proclamations were not overly ambitious. Nonetheless, as per reports, further firmware updates have limited the recharging velocity of the Pixel Watch.

A probable logic for this adjustment could be the heat generated during the recharging process. The Pixel Watch initially exhibited considerable heat during charging. And, this can destructively affect the life span of the battery. With a one-day operational span and a recharging duration of over two hours, the Pixel Watch now spends a more considerable duration on the charger compared to most rivals.

Consequently, Google, among other considerations, has abandoned the wireless recharging feature on the Google Pixel Watch 2 (available for US$399 at Best Buy). Instead, four metallic contacts have been integrated into the smartwatch’s rear, specifically designed for the recharging purpose.

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