Get a Glance of Google’s Tensor Chips till 2025 – All You Need to Know

Since its introduction in the Pixel 6 series the previous year, Google’s Tensor chips have shown to be an amazing invention. These are the first chips designed exclusively for Pixel phones. And, they significantly enhance their machine learning and performance. We can now have a glance at Google’s Tensor Chips journey till 2025.

According to a report, Google is expecting to launch a new Tensor chip on an annual basis. In 2023, the next Tensor chip, known as Zuma, will power the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Zuma will appear as just a little advancement over the present Tensor chip. It will have increased effectiveness and performance.

Google will introduce the Tensor G4, also known as Zuma Pro, in 2024. This chip, which appears as a more substantial update, will power the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. It can include updated capabilities for machine learning as well as new CPU and GPU architecture.

And, finally, Google’s first fully customized Tensor chip is anticipated to be released in 2025. The codename of this chip is Laguna or Laguna Beach. Google will wholly create and design it. With great performance and efficiency advancements, it will appear as an important journey forward for the Tensor platform.

An Overview of the Google’s Tensor Chips till 2025:

  • Tensor G3 (Zuma) in 2023
  •  In 2024: Tensor G4 (Zuma Pro)
  • Tensor G5 (Laguna/Laguna Beach) in 2025

Keep in mind that this is merely a plan because anything is possible to happen between now and 2025. However, it does offer us an accurate estimation of what Google has in mind for the Tensor platform over the coming few years.

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