Generative AI Regulations: Insights from EU and Japan’s Unified Vision

The European Union is showing strong alignment with Japan in its approach to generative AI, according to a senior official. Vera Jourova, the Vice-President for Values and Transparency at the European Commission, emphasized this fusion in a recent interview with Reuters.

In terms of generative AI regulations, the EU has set a precedent with its strict AI Act. It has positioned itself as a leader in governing emerging technologies. On the other hand, Japan is leaning towards more adaptable guidelines. Further, it aims to encourage economic growth within the nation.

Collaboration of EU and Japan on generative AI:

The collaboration between the EU and Japan is deepening. It is particularly in the world of crucial technologies such as generative AI, cybersecurity, and chips. These all are considered essential for economic security.

Jourova emphasized this collaboration while making comparisons to her recent experiences in China. She said it was difficult for people to understand basic AI concepts without significant explanation.

Within the Group of Seven (G7) industrial powers, there is ongoing discourse regarding generative AI. This technology is a subject of both enthusiasm and apprehension. Established within a framework in Hiroshima, discussions are progressing towards initiating consultations for an AI framework. However, Jourova noted that further refinement is needed, particularly in developing a comprehensive code of conduct for companies involved in AI.

In summary, the European Union and Japan are finding common ground in their approach to generative AI. It will showcase a promising collaboration for the advancement and regulation of this transformative technology.

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