Galaxy S24 Series: Analyzing the Lack of Two-Way Satellite Link

Explore the latest on the Galaxy S24 series as Samsung tests with major carriers, hinting at the absence of emergency two-way satellite connectivity.

There were rumors last year that Samsung may incorporate satellite connectivity like that of the iPhone into the Galaxy S23 for emergency use. However, the feature was missing, and Samsung attributed this omission to the premature state of the two-way satellite connectivity ecosystem.

Now, with anticipation building around the Galaxy S24 series, speculations arose again, fueled by One UI 6.1 screenshots hinting at the inclusion of this sought-after feature. Yet, recent reports suggest that Samsung might once again opt out of incorporating two-way satellite connectivity in the upcoming Galaxy S24.

Galaxy S24 Series Might Not Have Emergency Two-Way Satellite Connectivity

ETNews reports that Samsung is currently in the testing phase with major South Korean network operators—KT, LG Uplus, and SK Telecom—mere weeks before the official Galaxy S24 series announcement.

The highly anticipated Galaxy S24 Ultra is currently undergoing thorough testing, concealed within a lunch box-shaped casing to maintain confidentiality. These tests are essential to guarantee peak performance on various cellular networks provided by these carriers. Notably, there is no indication of two-way satellite connectivity in these tests, raising questions about Samsung’s decision to omit this emergency feature.

The proposed two-way satellite connectivity feature was designed for emergency scenarios or locations with no cellular network coverage. Operating on an L Band frequency band, it enables users to send rescue notifications, typically directed to local emergency response teams.

Interestingly, this feature debuted in the iPhone 14 series last year, and Huawei incorporated a similar functionality in some flagship phones. Samsung seems to be proceeding cautiously with the Galaxy S24, suggesting that, for undisclosed reasons, the phone may not feature the emergency lifeline.

The Evolution Toward Two-Way Connectivity

While Apple adopts a one-way structure for distress signals, Samsung is reportedly developing a two-way system. This innovation would empower users to both send and receive messages in situations where a mobile phone cellular network is unavailable.

Industry insiders speculate that this advanced two-way satellite connectivity might debut in the subsequent Galaxy S25 series, advertised as an epic phone. Samsung seems to have the technology ready, possibly featuring it in the Exynos 2400, yet choosing not to implement it in the Galaxy S24.

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1. Will the Galaxy S24 series have any emergency connectivity features?

As of the latest reports, it appears that the Galaxy S24 series may lack the anticipated two-way satellite connectivity for emergencies.

2. Why is Samsung skipping the two-way satellite connectivity feature?

The exact reasons for Samsung’s decision to skip the two-way satellite connectivity feature in the Galaxy S24 remain undisclosed.

3. When can we expect the debut of Samsung’s two-way satellite connectivity?

Samsung’s two-way satellite connectivity may make its debut in the Galaxy S25 series, expected to be a groundbreaking release.

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