Foxconn and Nvidia’s Innovative AI Factories: Pioneering Self-Driving Cars

In a revolutionary collaboration, Nvidia and Foxconn are initiating a transformative venture to create what is now coined as “AI factories”. These specialized data facilities offer the potential to transform supercomputing, automated machines, driving progress in self-driving vehicles, and industrial robotics.

The Birth of AI Factories: A Vision Unveiled

Nvidia’s visionary founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, and Foxconn’s chairman and CEO, Young Liu, disclosed this exciting partnership at Hon Hai Tech Day in Taiwan. At the heart of this initiative lies a strong Nvidia GPU computing infrastructure. It is carefully designed to process, refine, and evolve huge volumes of data into invaluable AI models and insights.

“We’re fashioning an end-to-end system, integrating an advanced EV car with an AI brain that facilitates seamless interaction with drivers and passengers, along with autonomous driving capabilities. This fusion is complemented by an AI factory, dedicated to developing software tailored for these vehicles,” explained Huang enthusiastically at the event.

“As the car journeys through real-life experiences and collects more data, this data is channeled to the AI factory, enhancing the software and updating the entire AI fleet.”

Nurturing the AI Ecosystem: A Continued Partnership

The concept of AI factories arises from a prior collaboration announced in January between Nvidia and Foxconn. This collaboration focuses on developing autonomous vehicle platforms.

In this venture, Foxconn performs its role as a key supplier of electronic control units (ECUs) for automakers. These ECUs are powered by Nvidia’s Drive Orin system-on-a-chip (SoC), a supercomputing AI platform pivotal for self-governing driving functions.

In the subsequent phase of this collaboration, Foxconn has promised to manufacture ECUs equipped with Drive Thor, Nvidia’s cutting-edge SoC, post-commencement of production in 2025.

Furthermore, Foxconn, in its stride toward innovation, has revealed off-the-shelf EV platforms, laying the foundation for a powerful market presence.

Expanding Horizons: AI Factories in a Wider Context

The significance of AI factories extends beyond the world of self-driving cars. These futuristic establishments likened to Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer, are set to revolutionize multiple industries. Elon Musk’s Tesla has already initiated production on Dojo, a custom-built supercomputer utilizing Tesla-designed chips for training neural networks. It is an important element of Tesla’s “full self-driving” (FSD) system.

Tesla currently utilizes a sizable Nvidia GPU-based supercomputer. However, Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and AI Enterprise software will support the Foxconn-Nvidia AI factories. This highlights the versatility and adaptability of these AI factories, positioning them to provide diverse applications.

Driving the Future: Foxconn’s Vision

During Hon Hai’s tech event, Liu pronounced Foxconn’s ambitious transformation from a manufacturing service entity into a platform solutions provider. The blueprint requires scaling AI factories across varied sectors, initially focusing on three pivotal platforms: Smart EVs, smart cities, and smart manufacturing.

“This factory represents the transformation of data into intelligence,” highlighted Huang, a sentiment supported by Liu. Huang continued, emphasizing that in the future, every industry and enterprise will possess its own AI factory.


In summary, the collaboration between Nvidia and Foxconn is set to revolutionize the world of computing and creativity. The AI factories are not only evidence of human creativity but also provide a glimpse into a future where AI is smoothly working in our lives.

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