Exploring Tesla Cybertruck Interior: A Glimpse into the Future of Automotive Innovation

Today, a brief video showcasing the Tesla Cybertruck interior emerged online. It provides the most comprehensive glimpse yet of the car’s main interface in action.

As Tesla Cybertruck inches closer to production, public sightings of it have become more frequent. Recent encounters showcase it as supercharging, the frunk being opened, and even pulling a substantial trailer.

The interior views, however, were mainly stationary shots in videos before this one, either at show events or after accidents. There was just one photo capturing the truck in an operational state.

The video’s language and captions are in the Russian language. They offer minimal insight, such as descriptions like “cool,” “this is how the hazard lights work,” and humorously mentioning “Elon Musk’s bag haha.” The footage does not seem to have been captured by a Tesla employee. However, it hints at the possible involvement of a transport company worker or an opportunist experiencing a briefly unlocked vehicle.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Revealed in Video

The video primarily offers a brief glimpse of previously unseen parts of the car. Further, it particularly focuses on the interface. Initially, the video showcases the backup camera, displaying rear and side cameras. Interestingly, an around-view camera, a feature common in many other vehicles, is still absent in Tesla Cybertruck.

The tour guide then interacts with the map, demonstrating its smooth responsiveness. The car appears to be parked near a Manheim car auction lot outside Columbus, Ohio. This is according to the GPS location displayed on the map. The location choice for an unreleased high-profile vehicle raises eyebrows, especially with “service required” warnings for autopilot and safety restraint systems.

The interface follows Tesla’s familiar layout, with the map on the right and the vehicle display on the left. The line indicating the division between the two is, however, unclear. The solid line present in other Tesla vehicles is not present here.

Further exploration of the car reveals a tray area between the front seats, suggestive of the setup in the old Model S. This space contains wires and an unreadable document. Above it, the center console features octagonal “cyber cupholders.” 

This is a design resembling those in the backseat but differs from the rounded ones showcased on a Tesla Cybertruck at a previous car show in June. Both variants accommodate two phone charging spots in front of the cupholders.

The video doesn’t unveil anything notably new in the backseat area, except for the expansive glass roof that imparts a sense of openness from within. This aligns with our experience of the Tesla Cybertruck at the launching event, where the interior already felt spacious even at night. We can assume that the glass roof will enhance this sense of openness, especially in daylight.

Finally, shifting focus back to the front, the video captures our guide demonstrating the operation of the two-stage sun visor. And, this thing resembles the design seen in the Model X.

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