Discover the Exciting New Features of iOS 17 and Learn How to Update

The iOS 17 release date is September 18. On this day, the week after its announcement of the iPhone 15, Apple officially released iOS 17 for all users after beta testing from June to September. Now, users can enjoy the new features in iOS 17. 

Should I Update my iPhone to iOS 17?

iOS is the operating system made specifically for the iPhone, and iOS 17 is its most recent version. Excited to explore iOS 17’s new features? Here are the top iOS 17 features you should try out, including the new StandBy Mode, FaceTime, a new Messages experience, Phone Calls, Contact Posters, NameDrop, improvement in Autocorrect, offline Apple Maps, and even more.

The first formal version of software frequently has a few problems and flaws. Many of the major problems have possibly been resolved because Apple already made available the iOS 17’s public beta. Now, the average person can upgrade it right away with an acceptable level of safety. If you are an iPhone user, you should apply the latest security update issued by Apple, even if you are avoiding installing iOS 17.

How to install iOS 17 on the iPhone?

Please Install a new operating system only after typically taking a complete backup of your phone. For this objective, you can use the Finder app to take a backup of your phone. Moreover, you can simply connect your phone to a computer and use an iCloud backup. Finally, make sure your most significant documents, including your images and everything, are saved at least once to another location.

To install the latest version of iOS, which is iOS 17, you have to simply go through three important steps:

Firstly, go to Settings 

Then, go to General

Finally, click on Software Update

Then, please make sure that it is properly plugged in, charged, and connected to a WiFi network for the most effective results. 

Meanwhile, the update is downloading, you will need to have patience for a little while for the device to restart. So, you can choose a time when you are unlikely to mind being without access to your iPhone. Now, you are all set to check out the iOS 17 update after it restarts. 

Top iOS 17 features:

There are a lot of new features and enhancements available in iOS 17. However, here’s a look at some of the ones that are most likely to be useful and captivating.

iPhone StandBy Mode:

Apple has created a fascinating method to give outdated devices (iPhone XR and thereafter) a new purpose with StandBy Mode. This mode allows you to continue using your old phones with updated features.

Your iPhone will enter the new mode and change into a kind of smart display when it is charging and put on its side. It will display the time, and you can add further attributes like headlines, pictures, widgets, etc. You can use this feature to extend the functionality of your current phone when it’s not in your grip (whenever it may be).

Interestingly, the thing that makes it more fascinating is how it builds on the common practice of changing outdated gadgets into timers, sound machines, and music players. Unless you have an iPhone 14 Pro or later and have the screen set to always on, it will switch off automatically. 


The Facetime app in iOS 17 is one of the most admiring and captivating features. If someone does not answer your FaceTime call, you can leave a video or audio message to record your exact message.

Also, you can use your iPhone as a camera to make FaceTime calls on Apple TV (for devices of Apple TV 4K 2nd generation and later). In video calls, reactions cover 3D effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, and much more all around you and can also be activated with movements. These movements are available when you use the front-facing camera on an iPhone 12 or later.

Furthermore, you can change the brightness of Studio Lighting and Portrait mode using video effects.

New Messages Features: 

Messages have also got some interesting updates with iOS 17. Apple made changes in the interface of the Messages app to offer it a more organized look. By tapping the “+” button, you can open all Messages apps and tasks, including the camera and photo settings.

The Messages app on iOS 17 will be faster compared to the previous ones. Moreover, you can add terms to a search to narrow the results through search filters. Additionally, you can swipe to reply on any bubble, jump to the first message in a group chat that is unread, and automatically transcribe audio communications.

The new Check-In safety feature lets your friends and family know where you are heading. Further, they will receive an immediate notification when you get to your destination. If you stop moving forward while traveling, Messages will check in with you to see what’s happening. And, if there is no response from your side, it will share helpful information with your friends or family. This information includes your battery level, location, and cellular status.

Further, you can use your photos to make stickers for messages. You can also add effects to these types of stickers and save them on your iPhone for later use. Apple refers to these stickers as Live Stickers.

New Contact Posters:

Contact Posters is a pleasant new feature that iOS 17 adds to your iPhone. You can consider these posters as highly customized contact cards. On earlier iOS versions, you could distinguish contacts on your phone by providing them with unique ringtones and thumbnail images. Contact Posters in iOS 17 enhance this feature and allow you to adjust the color and font of contacts and add emoji images as well as other customizations. 

Also, Apple stated that Contact Posters would be reachable for other third-party calling apps in addition to your iPhone’s contacts. This feature in iOS 17 feels like the inclusion of Apple’s customizable lock screens with Contacts. This makes me believe that  Apple will eventually give you the permission to configure other additional iPhone apps and functions. 

Phone Calls:

In iOS 17, the Phone app is experiencing some modifications from Apple. The in-call buttons have been relocated, the Contacts button has been transformed, and the icons have been modified.

As of mid-August, Apple seems to have shifted the end-call button back to the center after some uproar.


Apple is redeveloping iPhone AirDrop so that it is much easier and faster to use. You can share your information by simply putting your phones close to one another. On an iPhone or Apple Watch, it is quite simple to select the phone numbers and email addresses you want to share. For example, if you wish to share images with one another, all you need to do is simply bring your mobile devices close.

The capability to start an AirDrop in person, then leave before the transfer is finished, and have the transfer completed over the Internet is another change associated with AirDrop. However, it is expected to appear in a subsequent update.


NameDrop is another innovative feature that makes use of AirDrop. This feature makes it simple to share contact information. Now, you no longer need to unintentionally call a new friend merely to get their number.

Improvement in Autocorrect:

In iOS 17, your iPhone’s keyboard will receive an upgrade. To better estimate what you will type next, the keyboard will employ a transformer model. This model is similar to what OpenAI uses in its language models.

Moreover, Autocorrect will be able to help the users with grammar. It will do so in a manner similar to that of word processing software like Microsoft Word. With this feature, users won’t have to repeatedly retype slang phrases in order to keep them in a message.

Sensitive Content Warning:

Unwanted images of sexuality are a widespread issue. Sensitive Content Warning, a new opt-in feature from Apple, aims to handle it. When used, this function will automatically identify and blur out photographs and videos of naked individuals. Moreover, it will warn you and give you the choice to view or ignore them. However, you won’t be able to make your choice on a general description because the blurs aren’t particularly specific. It will apply to pictures received using AirDrop, FaceTime, and Messages.

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